Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good Times and Better Friends

Last weekend Brian and I made a trip back to California to visit with friends and family that we may not see over the holidays. What a wonderful getaway to reconnect with old friends! I hadn't been back to CA since July, and it had been longer than that since seeing some of my friends.

We made it into town early enough for me to visit my friends at Paine and hang out at happy hour at Claim Jumper. It was so much fun to catch up with Alicia, Heather, Jen and Dave. I have sorely missed my old friends and school so much! Later that evening we hung out with Brian's friends Andy, Wendy, Mike and Shizuka to do the BBQ thing.

On Saturday morning we met friends Shelly and Earle for breakfast and great conversation. From there we went to Melanie's annual holiday open house. What a festive atmosphere that was! Jim even played his guitar and Melanie sang. If I get a chance I will post a picture here! Brian left to see some of his friends, but I stayed to close down the party. Besides, with wine and snacks being served, where was I going to go? But seriously, it was so great to get to hang with Melanie for a while, I miss her so much! That evening Melanie took me, and two other friends, to see The Christmas Carol at South Coast Rep. I had never been before and it was such a treat! What a wonderful launching of the holiday season!

I should mention that we stayed at Brian's parent's house for the weekend. On Sunday morning his grandma, sister, her hubby, and the boys came over and we all enjoyed brunch and a visit. In the afternoon I went shopping with Brian's mom and was thrilled to get back to some of my old haunts.

Our visit ended all too soon and we drove back to Arizona on Monday morning. We had to head back pretty early because I had forgotten to cancel my afternoon tutoring session. Oops! All in all, it was a fantastic weekend for catching up with old, and sorely missed friends. If we didn't get to see you, or even if we did, come on out to Arizona for a visit. The weather is wonderful this time of year!

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