Monday, October 09, 2006

Through the Eyes of a Child

I thought I would share with you the most exciting thing happening at the Mayer house, according to Ashley. Ready? "Puppy dog poo poo!" Ashley was so excited to watch through the patio door as Molly took care of business outside. So excited, that she told everyone about it for days and got excited EACH time it happened. Eric and Kari also had the pleasure of hearing their little princess exclaim "puppy Doggie" nonstop starting at about 4:30am. I must say the adoration was mutual. Molly loved having her own special person. As you can see, Ashley and Molly exchanged many kisses and played constantly.

Auntie Brian was another great source of entertainment for Ashley. Yes, I said "auntie", it wasn't a typo. Ashley is a little shaky on the whole auntie/uncle thing and Brian takes the brunt of it. On Saturday they went over to the newest fire station in Goodyear to look at the big red trucks and the police motorcycles. There were clowns (which scared Ashley), hotdogs, popcorn and ice cream. Ashley scored the cool hat seen here, a coloring book and a stuffed doggie. Oh the fun.
Ashley had a great time in the pool swimming with the dolphin. She was also fortunate to enjoy the last swimming weekend of the season. The pool water temperature is finally too cold and we are done swimming for the season.
On Friday we went to the home of cousins Christy and Jim. Ashley got to be cuddled by GranJan and got to play with cousins Griffin and Scott and had so much fun with all of their toys, especially the trampoline and Jeep in the backyard. However, the most fascinating part of the day was checking out our newest cousin Meredith. Ashley was quite thrilled to be able to show off little Meredith's cute toes. All of the adults had a great time visiting as well. It was nice to see everyone and reconnect, though we did miss my Dad at the gathering.

As for my Dad, he continues to work hard at Barrow's. He is really focusing on eating well so that he can get the feeding tube removed. However, he is tiring of the limited dining selections and of the unreliability of the whole thing. So, we are trying to bring him some meals from home. Brian is going to bring him a meatloaf dinner tonight and they will watch the baseball game together. Please continue to pray for total healing and recovery for my Dad. It really means so much to him (and us) to feel all of the love and support from our family and friends. He has received a few postcards and notes and they really help to boost his spirits.

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