Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

I got a call to sub on Halloween. Having taught for so many years I'm no fool. I said "NO"! What a feeling of freedom that was! I used to like teaching on Halloween. The kids could dress up and there was lots of fun stuff to do all day, even if the kids were squirrelly with excitement. Here, in Arizona, "Halloween" is a bad word in the schools. Kids are not allowed to dress up for a parade at the beginning of the day and NO parties are allowed. Political correctness stinks in a state where natives like to pride themselves on their rebellious nature. So, how did I celebrate my new found freedom? Like all full blooded American Halloween lovers, I dressed up Molly and took her to the hospital to visit my dad. Then I dressed him up too! Actually, I just added a clown wig, but since I have never seen my dad in costume before that was enough of a change. After we got home I had a tutoring session and Molly got to play with her favorite little girl, Sarah. A little while later, we had our first trick-or-treaters, Jake (I tutor him) and his little sister. Molly was more than a little afraid of Jake with his mask and hat on.
We stayed home passing out candy and scaring little kids with our hyper dog, still in costume. After the last trick-or-treaters left my mom and her friend came over and we all watched Boston Legal. Go Denny Crane!

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