Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Princess

Ashley is our niece, Eric and Kari's little girl. She is a princess. Can't you tell? Ashley has absolutely everybody wrapped around her little finger, and believe me, that's just a-ok with everyone! She loves Barney (much to my brother's delight . . . NOT) and books and being on the go. Kari tells me that she is getting to be a regular motormouth (wonder where she gets that from? Hehehehe) and her vocabulary is growning by leaps and bounds. Brian and I last saw her when we were in California in July and are looking forward to seeing her again in October when everyone comes out to visit. I know that Poppa Bob can't wait to see her! Click on Ashley's World on the sidebar and you can visit her blog. Eric does a really great job of picking fun pictures and great stories to go along with them.

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