Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh Happy Day!

Today is the day we have been waiting for . . . my Dad is coming home to Phoenix! The Barrow's Institute at St. Joseph's is all ready for him, just waiting for the air ambulance to get him here. He has been working really, really hard for the past couple of days and has made some great progress. My Dad got back some wrist extension in his right hand, and just yesterday, his left bicep came back! I don't need to tell you how encouraging it is to have all of this progress. These seemingly small steps are really so huge and uplifting. My Dad's voice is very strong now and he sounds just like his old self, and his sense of humor is back bigger than ever. A few days ago a little girl was in his room with some visitors. She asked him what was on his neck. He explained that the brace was to keep his head from rolling off of his body, like a pumpkin. That brought giggles and the statement, "Bob, you are so funny".

All of the cards and things my Dad has received have been so greatly appreciated and everyone's generousity has just been overwhelming. Please keep it coming! I would expect fewer visitors here in Phoenix since my parents are so new to the valley and expressions of support are so very important. Here's a thought . . . please send postcards to my Dad. It's much less expensive to buy and mail than a card, and there is less room to write! It wouldn't even have to be a postcard of anything fancy . . . just anything you come across at the grocery or drug store is fine. I don't have the address at the hospital, but anything sent to their house address can be delivered to my Dad the next day. If you need the address post a comment here to let me know and I will email you, or you can email me directly at

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