Friday, September 01, 2006

Please pray for my Dad

Last week, while attending his 50th high school reunion in Milwaukee, my Dad, Bob, suffered a serious fall. He passed out and fell, hitting his head resulting in a superficial gash on the top of his head (requiring 15 staples to close) and 2 fractured cervical vertebrae and spinal cord damage. He has devastating paralysis, affecting most of his body. He is able to move only his shoulders and upper arms, though he has sensation through most of the rest of his body. My Dad had surgery last Monday to repair the bones in his neck and offer stabilization. The surgery went very well and surgeons didn't have to do as much as they anticipated. He is in an amazing hospital in Milwaukee on a floor dedicated to spinal cord injuries and rehab. He has already begun his rehab and is able to sit up. Therapists will teach him to use the ability he has and will try to get him more movement. My Dad will be there for about the next 6 weeks. Please pray for healing of his spinal cord. Also pray for him to regain his strength and keep his spirits high during this difficult time. Pray that he regains movement. Keep checking back here as I will continue to post about his progress.

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