Monday, November 05, 2012

Coming Up for Air

Holy Moly!  I really hate that this is another "Oh, wow, life has been crazy busy post", but really, that about sums it up.  To spare us all the gory details I won't even bother trying to catch up on all that has gone on over the past several months.  Suffice it to say, everything is good and in the grand scheme of things we have no real complaints,  though I just seem to have lost any time management skills that I may have ever had.

It also seems that I brought home a very unwanted souvenir from our Alaska trip last June.  While we were out on one of our fun little outings we met with a little surprise.  You see, we were going to hike out to a glacier and all was fine and well in the beginning as we walked along a gravel covered path.  Pretty soon snow began to cover the trail, and pretty soon we were stomping though snow.  Except for Andrew, who wanted no part of it.  So, we took turns carrying him because we really wanted to keep going with everyone  Eventually we just all gave up because there was too much snow and we turned back around.  At one point my foot went down through the snow up to my knee.  While still moving forward I turned kind of funny in an attempt to keep from dropping Andrew.  And did a number on my knee

Here we are 4 months later, and I'm still gimping around in pain.  A couple of weeks ago I finally went to the doctor about it and had some x-rays taken.  The suspicion is that I have a torn meniscus.  What exactly that means, I have no idea.  I see the ortho dr later this week.

In the meantime, we are heading into my favorite time of year . . . NO, not the holidays!  Rather, the time of year when our temperatures finally get down where I like them!  Yippee!  We also have a 3 day weekend coming up and I'm looking forward to a change of scenery and getting out of town for a little day trip.  That'll give me a fun post to share with you!


  1. glad your back to blogging. I just restarted also. Blogging was so much more fun that facebook, but facebook sucks you in and takes up all your time haha

  2. Great to hear from you. So sorry about your knee... what a bummer. Next time, post pics!

  3. So sorry about your knee! Glad to see your blog pop up in my reader though :) Im also blogging again - feels good :)