Thursday, July 26, 2012

One Last Hurrah

Even though it isn't even August yet, it is still the end of summer for us.  As such, we made one last trip to California before school begins.  Ok, that's not really why we went, but the end result is the same.  We decided to make the trip because my good friend, Melanie, was going to have a big birthday, so her sweet hubby planned a surprise party for her.  Couldn't miss that!  Then, two days later, my sweet Andy Pants would be celebrating his 4th birthday.  Yes, already!  Where oh where has the time gone?

When we go to California we usually stay with Brian's parents in Anaheim.  This time was no exception.  We arranged a small family party and Andy did has part by helping his Nonnie clean the patio furniture.

Yes, doesn't everyone change into full swimming gear before cleaning outdoor furniture?

Here's my sweet friend, Melanie, at her surprise.  While the actual party didn't surprise her, she was surprised by the details and many of the people who were there, including us.  Yippee!

On Andy's birthday morning we went to Disney's California Adventure and visited the new Cars Land.  My boy was a big fan of Mater and liked Mater's Tractor Pull.  So did Brian.

Brian wasn't nearly as impressed on the caterpillar ride as Andy was.
However, the Disney Jr Stage Show was a huge hit with both of them.

We hopped across the way into Disneyland, and Andy plopped himself down right in the middle of everything to peruse the map.

This boy was so excited to get his Happy Birthday button, and so proud, but so confused when random people would wish him a happy birthday.  He couldn't understand how they knew!

Andy's huge request of the day was to "wide the wockets", which he did.

After lunch at home and a little rest time Andy's cousins, auntie, and uncle arrived and it was time for birthday cake.

These kids totally crack me up!

Brian and I rounded out the day with a date night, then in the morning we loaded up the car and came on home.  Now it's time to get back into the swing of being back to work, and Mr. Andy Pants just started preschool today!

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  1. Wow! Good to hear you had some quality time with your family before summer ends. We weren't able to go on a vacation last summer as we are all busy, but well do that next year. :)