Thursday, May 10, 2012

Love, Hope and Faith Lives!

I truly didn't intend to take an extended absence, but I also didn't intend to be completely overwhelmed by school and my new mentor position. I won't even attempt to catch everybody up on what has been going on. Well, not that anyone even comes around these parts anymore!

Instead, I'll start with last week.

Last week was Infertility Awareness Week. In my typical fashion, I managed to find a unique way to observe the week. I had surgery that permanently ended what little fertility I may have still had. See? Unique. And not elective, I might add.

The only bright side has been having two weeks off of work to recover, and I have about a week to go. Since I am completely incapable of just sitting around and doing nothing, I've had grand ideas of things I would accomplish. And since I'm being totally honest, I haven't accomplished anything. Well, except for updating this blog a little bit.

OK, so now that the initial dusting off of this blog has been tackled, I'll be back with more later!


  1. Great to see you posting. Sorry to hear about the surgery. Hope you feel better soon! And, this time off - it is for resting, not accomplishing...

  2. I've been wondering where you've been. I hope your road to recovery goes well!! Sorry you had to have the surgery. :(