Monday, November 01, 2010


What? You haven't heard of NaBloPoMo? It's basically when a whole bunch of people decide to post to their blogs every day for 30 days. So, um, yeah, I'm gonna give it a shot. There's an official website for it and all, but I'm not linked up over there. I'm linked up with Suzy, check out the cute little button on my sidebar. Click on over to see who else is doing it with her too. So why am I doing this? Well, for no other reason than when the ever delightful Suzy asked for folks to join her (you know, since a challenge is more fun when others are doing it with you) I was on vacation and felt like I had oodles of time for posting my blatherings.

So, um, not so much to blather about today. I stayed home sick today because the crud that Andy has been sick with has found it's way my way.

The only other thing worth mentioning on this 1st day of November is that in the very early morning hours one of the sweetest girls I know gave birth to her miracle baby girl, and she's simply adorable and quite perfect!


  1. I wonder if your friend is our mutual friend? If yes, can you e-mail me which hospital she is in so I can send my congratulations?

  2. Brenda from CA10:00 PM

    Hope you both get better soon and don't give it to hubby . Take care!

  3. YEAH ... an entire month of Andyness .......whoot hoot!!! And we care about you too, of course!!!
    Thought I should comment since I'm terrible at it but I do read every update that you give us!! SAM

  4. So glad you're doing NaBloPoMo! Can't wait to read about your adventures!

  5. Looking forward to seeing your posts!