Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

It was pretty easy to decide what costume Andy would wear this year. Actually, there wasn't much deciding involved. A couple of years ago my friend gave me a fluffy giraffe costume that he son had worn. My nephew Ryan wore it that year, and finally this year Andy fit into it.

However, Arizona being a desert instead of almost anywhere else . . . it's still too hot for such a costume! No worries though . . . we had a back up. But, life being what it is, Andy spiked a fever on Thursday night after having had a cough for about a week. We spent the rest of the evening at pediatric urgent care finding out that Andy has double ear infections again. I stayed home with him on Friday and he seemed to be feeling better.

I took him to his daycare for about an hour so that he could celebrate a little bit with his friends. He arrived wearing his giraffe costume, but had already switched to Charlie Brown by the time this picture was taken.
These are some of his little art projects that he made. Andy loves doing this stuff!
The one hour playing with his friends wiped him out. I was treated to Andy taking a 4 hour nap! When he woke up I got ready to go to my school's Boo Bash since I had volunteered to help. When Andy saw me in my costume he wanted to put his on again.
On Saturday I made rice krispy treats and cut them into ghosts and pumpkins. Andy helped to decorate them with frosting and sprinkles.
Here are the finished treats!
Andy thought they were quite tasty!
Later I stripped him down so that he could decorate his pumpkin. This poor punkin! It's been dropped and rolled around the house for the past 3 weeks. My ever delightful bloggin' buddy Farah shared the lovely idea of fingerpainting a pumpkin, so we went for it. It was our first experience here with fingerpaints, and Andy loved every minute of it. I really can't even complain about the mess because there really wasn't any. I'd be perfectly willing to haul out the fingerpaints with him again.
We then got to the business of gutting the bigger pumpkins. Andy was completely fascinated by the inside of the pumpkin.
Fascinated as he was, Andy wasn't quite willing to stick his hand into the goopy mess.
To end our day of Halloween festivities Andy relaxed in front of the TV while enjoying a bowl of ghost poo-poos. OK, they were really mini marshmallows, but he enjoyed them anyway!
The pumpkin on the left is Brian's, and the one on the right is mine.
Andy's pumpkin is the little fingerpainted one. When he wasn't looking tonight I threw it away. It was really getting soft from being tossed around so much and the paint was starting to flake off.
As if we needed more examples of life being life, I woke up really sick today and Andy has been running a fever again. We didn't do much Halloween-ing today. We took Andy to my parent's house and Brian's grandparents house to deliver treats. I took Andy trick-or-treating to one house. Only one house. This is the only picture I took of Andy today. So, in spite of the oodles of pictures I've taken of everything leading up to Halloween, the only picture I got of him today was of his backside.
Sometimes life is just life.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


  1. Hope everyone is feeling better!
    Andy is a cute Charlie Brown and giraffe!
    Love the pumpkins, the ghost poo-poos and the rice krispie treats!!

  2. The Rice Krispie treats are an inspiration! Hope you guys are all feeling better!

  3. Oh goodness--how cute! And you look great!