Thursday, November 18, 2010

Facial Favorites

Recently I have discovered a couple of skin care products that I really like, and in both cases I was really pleasantly surprised. So much so, that I'm going to tell you about them now.

The first product is an Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller. I know, it sounds really super goofy, and I thought so too. Truthfully, I only bought it because I had such a great coupon. Surprisingly it has become my favorite morning routine product. The way it works is that the cream is released under these little ball rollers and then you gently massage it under your eyes. I truly have no idea if the cream actually does anything or not. However, the massaging with the little ball rollers is truly awesome. The little rollers are cool and it just feels wonderful. I use it in the morning after washing my face and I think it really does help to reduce the puffiness from sleeping on my face. I would definitely buy this again, even if I didn't have a coupon. It just feel that good!

The next product I'd like to tell you about is the Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Brusher Cleanser. I read about this as a "must have" item in a magazine. Again, I was really skeptical, but at less than $5 I decided to give it a try. When you take the cap off you find a tilted soft plastic brush on the top of the bottle. You twist it and squeeze some cleanser up into the bristles then twist closed. With a circular motion you massage and cleanse your face at the same time. This, too, feels super good! This cleanser rinses off really clean and leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean and smooth, not tight or stripped. It isn't greasy and there isn't an over powering scent. There is nothing abrasive about either the cleanser or the brusher. I typically use this product at night as I've found that it does a great job of removing make up as well as the dust and grime from the day. Geez, I realize that I made it sound like I work in a coal mine somewhere instead of a classroom! But still, you know what I mean.

So what are some of your favorite beauty products?


  1. Oh maybe I'll try that eye roller one, looks interesting. Here are my favorites:

    Serious Skin Care (I get it on - I love the Olive Oil Line Cleanser - it's my favorite cleanser because even though it's oil, it foams up and you can use it on your eye makeup, and my skin feels so clean and moisturized afterwards. I also like their Olive Oil Deep Facial Peel. Strong, yet gentle peel.

    Mary Kay: I like a few things from Mary Kay. First of all their TimeWise Day Solution SPF 25. I love that it has a high SPF yet it doesn't feel like suntan cream. Plus it has other botanicals and such for wrinkles. I love it. Then I like their TimeWise moisturizer that you put on after the Day Solution. It soaks into the skin quickly and my makeup goes on nicely over top of it. My last favorite product from MK is their Microdermabrasion Set. I love it! It's almost as good as a salon microderm. I also love that my MK consultant delivers to my house!

    I'm still searching for an eye cream to take away the wrinkles. Right now I'm trying the Artisty Time Defiance Lifting Eye Cream and so far I like it (from Amway), it does seem to be softening the crows feet on the outside of my eyes.

  2. I use the Garnier face scrubby thing and I LOVE IT!! Good choice!