Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kiss Kiss

As a teacher and life-long avid reader I've long known the importance of reading early on to kids, starting in infancy. This is one of the activities I was most looking forward to doing with my own kids. I had all sorts of visions of snuggling with my baby and good little books. And Lord knows I've tried.

Andrew has tons and tons of books, and he really likes them too. He loves to pull them off his shelf, have one in hand, or in a bucket or bag. Given the opportunity, he'll devour them. Seriously. As in, with his teeth. Andrew will bring a book to me, drop it on me, then run off. We try to read to him, but he runs off before we even finish a page. Honestly, he'll only sit with me for about a minute before running off. Andrew has no patience for a story, though he does like to point to pictures and hear their names, and he will point to what I ask him.

However, I've been feeling like a bad mom because I never seemed to actually read a story to him. I read and hear of other moms who read several books daily to their babies and toddlers. I was hoping to make some real progress once summer vacation started.

But, things have a way of working out. Last week Andrew decided during his bedtime routine that he wanted a book. We pulled out a favorite (of mine, at least) called, "Kiss Kiss". Brian read the story while I held Andrew on my lap in the rocker. On each page that said, "kiss kiss" I kissed Andrew, then he would kiss the baby hippo on the page. It was awesome. And the most awesome-ist part? Andrew has wanted to do this every night since. And we've obliged, happily.

I'm so incredibly thrilled with this next step for Andrew, and I can't wait to venture further than "Kiss Kiss" with him.

What's your favorite children's story?


  1. Katherine won't let me read to her. She wants to look at the pictures and turns the pages quicker than I can read. So we are mostly sticking with picture books and I just point out stuff.

    BUT, she loves books. She is currently sleeping with two little board books. She likes to hold them...

    I'm just going with it. It's her world, I'm just renting space.

  2. Anonymous5:31 AM

    The book reading has been similar with Lovey Girl so I'm glad to hear that it does change if I keep trying ;-). My favorite? The Hungry Caterpiller (I think that's what it's called).

  3. Its so funny, cuz I am lamenting the same thing with Willow. Michael was totally the little toddler that I could read to and cuddle to. I read and read to him and I was SOOO looking forward to doing the same with her. But. She will not sit long for a story. And she RIPS books...

    I find, like you, at the end of the night is the best time to try to read to her. I am glad Andrew has a favorite book!

    Willow has a favorite every so often, but lately, I think the one she likes is Green Eggs and Ham (the longest book I have gotten to read that keeps her attention).

    All I can say is to keep it up--they say that even if they start to lose attention, you should keep reading and they will keep listening...

  4. You know, I just had a thought that might work too--I think taking them to the library helps to get them interested--usually they have programs for toddlers (yes, sometimes they are actually at times that work out for working moms). Michael used to love going to the library, I haven't really done it that much with Willow yet. Hmmm...I see a trip there soon in my future...

  5. Chipmunk loves Goodnight Moon, and she loves to put her finger over her mouth and say, "Sssss" when I get to the part about the little old lady whispering hush. Little Bit's fav is The Little Red Hen, and she loves to say, "Not I" for all the animals. My girls loves story time, but it has just been since they were both about 14 months old before they would sit still enough for me to finish. And for a while I was just reading to Little Bit b/c Chipmunk had no desire to stay for the whole story. They also love to turn the pages, and most of the time it's before I can finish the page. lol

  6. I can't claim this as my favorite but due to the fact that I have it memorized, it is our kids favorite. Moo, Baa, La, La, La by Sandra Boynton.

    A cow says Moo, a sheep says Baa,
    Three singing Pigs say, La, La, La...
    No, No you say, that isn't right...

    AHHHHHH! The madness! :o)

  7. Ah, how sweet! I hope this leads to many more nights with books!

    I'm a sucker for "Love You Forever.", even though I can't read the whole thing without starting to cry.

  8. When LG was younger it was Moo, Baa, La La La.

    Now it's probably Llama, Llama Red Pajama or Green Eggs & Ham.

    Reading got easier as he got older and figured out he could delay bedtime. I also figured out that I don't have to read every word on every page every time, that made reading less frustrating. He likes the pictures to change and if there are too many words he loses interest.

  9. The girls love to read "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" "GoodNight Moon" Goodnight Gorilla" and "I love you through and through". I stopped reading the them for awhile because they wouldn't sit and listen but then one day they wanted me to read and I could read 20 books and they'd just sit there. They are starting to read back to me which is so cute.

  10. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Jacob will only sit still for about 2 pages before he gets bored. I too had high hopes but maybe when he's older.

  11. Anonymous5:57 AM

    I always say "Kiss Kiss" when I give him a kiss. I will definitely have to find this book!

  12. That's so sweet!