Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Better Than Barney

Andy never really watched much TV until very recently. Actually, he's just way too busy to bother with it. In fact, even now he doesn't watch much. However, he does tune in whenever there is music or song on the TV. One of his all time favorites is Wonder Pets, and I do believe it is a favorite of mine too. And Brian. I mean, really, the tunes are pretty catchy. What's not to like about a chorus including the line, "pee pee, wee wee, TINKLE!" And how can you not like an episode where the worst crisis is that the puppy has to pee pee and can't get out of the house?

Andy and I were at Wally World picking up a few things when we happened to mosey through the toy aisle (Note to self: I must stop doing this!) looking for a birthday gift for an Andy pal this weekend. The Flyboat serenaded us from the shelf, and before I knew it, it was in the cart with us! Yup, I bought Andy a completely un-needed toy for no reason except for the sheer joy of it. His, and mine, if I'm telling the complete truth.

So far the Flyboat with all the critters is a big hit, even though it seems really LOUD at times. And how cool is it that the little critters have bobble heads? Even Molly thinks it's cool, though she does try to bite their little heads off.

What has become of my world that I now blog about preschool cartoons?!?!? Help a gal out, ask me some questions or give me some topics. Otherwise, I might resort to reporting about toddler toothbrushing.


  1. I LOVE the Wonder Pets! I was sad when my nephew out grew them and I can't wait to watch them with my little peanut.

  2. We love Wonderpets here, too. In fact, Jon will start singing, "What's gonna work?" and both Little Bit and Chipmunk will chime in with "teamwork." lol

  3. Well, I'm probably not one to talk since I blog about peeing in the potty quite regularly. But I plan to write a post soon called "Things I Love About V..." (one post for each) and I don't mind if you steal my idea (or get to it first and make it look like I stole your idea.) Looking forward to seeing you in a week!

  4. Anonymous12:09 PM

    It is always fun and exciting to get a special thing just because. It is one of my favorite things to do.