Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pleasant Surprise

When you are getting ready to be a parent there are lots of things that cross your mind. You wonder when. You wonder if you'll parent a boy or girl. You wonder how many children you will have. You wonder if you'll be a good parent. You wonder how much your life will change. You wonder if you can afford children. You wonder all kinds of things, some minor and some major.

And people will give all sorts of opinions, solicited and unsolicited. You are warned about the lack of sleep, and money, and adult time. But, you are also told, and you anticipate, an unfathomable amount of love you'll have for your tiny treasure.

Throughout all of this, there is just one thing I was unprepared for. I didn't read about it, and not a single soul I know told me about this. And actually, I'm pretty glad about this since what I discovered has been one of the sweetest blessings ever.

Are you ready for me to share? Hopefully if you are a parent you have experienced this as well, and if you aren't, you won't hate me for giving away the surprise.

I always knew that Brian would be an awesome dad. He's caring and sensitive, responsible and fun. But . . . I was totally unprepared to fall totally and completely in love with him all over again. It totally melts my heart to listen in on Brian and Andy when they don't know I am. Or to watch them when they don't know I'm watching. I love to lay in bed on a weekend morning and listen to them chatter downstairs in the kitchen. I love when the baby monitor is on and I can hear Brian talking with our boy. It's just pure heaven and makes it all so worthwhile. And like I said, I always knew that Brian would be a great dad, but it was just such a pleasant surprise to see him transformed to an even better husband. And what I found, was that just when I thought that I couldn't possibly love him any more, I did. And I do. Each day just gets better and better.


  1. This also brings me such great joy, watching Jay with Shelby. I was always a little worried about how he would be with children. He loves dogs so much and he would sometimes joke "who need kids when you have dogs?!" I knew he was joking but I would wonder at times if there was some seriousness to it too. But he is such a great daddy, he sings silly songs, is so more overprotective than I am.

    It does get better each and every day.

  2. That is so sweet! I can't wait for Ike and I to have those same moments.

  3. That is the absolute truth!!! I never realized how much more I would fall in love with Jim until we had Aidan and I watched him interact with him. It becomes even more amazing as they get older and have conversations and make plans for them and their daddy. It is one of those untold gems!!!

  4. So very true.

    M. still amazes me from time to time with how tender and caring he is with Miss O...and she'll be 6 in March!

  5. Yes ma'am, I know exactly what you're talking about. I have an even greater respect and love for my husband from watching him be such a sweet and loving father. I also knew he'd be great, but you can't possibly imagine what it will be like until you see them in action. As our son gets older and older, the interactions between them get better and better. Great post. It is one of the best things!

  6. Oh, absolutely. M puts Will to bed every night and they do this little "game" where he asks him to say words that he knows, like puppy, kitty, mommy, etc. As Will gets sleepier, the words get softer and sillier, until he doesn't even respond back and is asleep. And since M puts the monitor on before he puts Will in bed, I get to listen to it every night. It does make your heart melt, doesn't it.