Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Then and Now

Last summer our friends Melissa and Jeff drove down from Washington to deliver a beautiful cradle that Jeff had made for Andrew. Here he is, trying it on for size on August 1, 2008 . . .

And here is Andrew today, July 1, 2009, in the same cradle. No sillies, he doesn't still sleep in it. We were just playing around this morning before coming downstairs.
When did this happen? How did he get so big? What happened to my tiny baby?
( I swear, Andrew is not a giant baby! He weighs about 20 1/2 pounds and is wearing mostly 12 month sizes in his clothes. In fact, these jammies are 9 months size.)


  1. they do grow so darn fast. Why, why cant they stay little a bit longer, we have to be adults for like ever!

  2. You blink .. and this happens!

    MT is in that very same baseball outfit right now in his crib ... I LOVE that we pick similiar clothes!

  3. Holy Moly! They really do grow the most in their first year huh! No wonder babies are so crabby. Can you imagine doubling or tripling in size in only 12 months? Such a cute comparison pic.

  4. Precious little man! And what a beautiful cradle!