Thursday, April 02, 2009


I'm more than a little ashamed to admit this, but, today I certainly didn't have my finest moment as a mom. B was going to be out this evening for a work event so after I picked up Andrew from the babysitter we ran a couple of errands. When I got home a couple of my neighbors were out across the street. Rather than getting Andrew settled in the house and relieving Molly, I ventured across the street with Andrew to visit. After a few minutes we decided to head into my house. I was carrying Andrew and one of my neighbors had his carseat and the other was just bringing up the rear so we were quite the caravan. As I opened the door from the garage into the house Molly was right there, barking her fool head off and trying desperately to see who I was bringing in to see her. That's right. Everyone comes to see Molly, it has nothing to do with the actual humans in the house.

Not only was Molly trying to see who was there, but she was trying to escape as well. Molly is a beagle, and beagles like to follow their noses once they get outside. And they like to run. And I don't. Fortunately, she has never gotten loose and we have never had to run her down or wonder where she is or if she will return. However, I had visions of all of the above happening. Meanwhile, remember that I was holding Andrew while attempting to hold open the door with the same arm for our guests. I was also trying to use my foot to keep Molly corraled inside. I was failing miserably and as Molly made a mad dash between my legs I bent to try to grab her with my free hand.

I heard three sounds in rapid succession:
  • a yelp, as I grabbed Molly by the tail
  • a clunk, as I knocked my sweet baby's head into the garage door
  • a cry, as aforementioned sweet baby realized that I clunked his head

I think I may have heard a couple of gasps from my neighbors as well.

Ultimately, all of us wound up on the proper side of the door in the house. When I surveyed the damage to Andrew he looked OK. I mean, I don't even think he managed to squeak out any tears at all and there wasn't a sign of where exactly I may have clunked his head. No bumps, bruises or even red marks. Plus, he seemed to forgive me pretty quickly. Molly seems fine too, since her tail is still attached. And the neighbors were quick to brush off the whole thing.

However, I felt awful, and still do a little. I can't believe that I clunked my baby's head while making a lunge for the dog. Like I said a few days ago, I'm sure I'll make mistakes, and this was certainly not my finest moment. I guess I'm hoping more for the kind of mistakes that don't result in bodily injury!


  1. Oh, I know it's awful, but I'm laughing at the picture, just a bit. . .

  2. It's totally a character building experience for all three of you...and a truly sweet (though I am sure embarrassing for you) story.

  3. OMG! I just knocked Josie's head on our bedroom door the other day and I cried more than she did!

    It is all good. If he winds up with crossed eyes, I promise it wasn't because of this. KIDDING!!! :o)

    This story made me laugh because we have ALL BEEN THERE.

  4. i am so sorry! It's so scary when they get hurt. And you feel more awful then they do.

    At the zoo tuesday, Austin was sitting on a bench while i was getting ready to change his diaper and lept forward and went face first off the bench! Everyone saw and was gasping and running to help me ...

    My aunt/uncle came for a visit w/ their cocker and he went with A and I for a walk. I didn't leash him. The dog darted and I went chasing after him, Left A in the stroller. Can back to a baby that had fell out of his stroller crying ... because I buckled him but only on one side ...

    Feel better yet, or at least normal?

  5. I laughed when I read this because it sounds just like something I would do.

  6. Brenda from CA9:18 AM

    Don't be so hard on yourself! You are a GREAT mommy and look! no scar! Bonus, Andrew will only know that it happened because you put it in your blog! Hope you already told B! I don't think there are any parents who haven't accidentally knocked their kid's head into a door... It's practically impossible to avoid when you're holding someone that is not naturally part of your "body bubble" space. You are FORGIVEN!

  7. If it took you this long to bonk his head you're doing much better than I did. I think the boy was only about a week old when I went to feed the dog and bonked him on the pantry door.

  8. I think you're not 100% broken in until you've bonked your kid's head:-). You're now officially broken in, all the way!!

  9. Aww...poor little mite, poor mommy too. I was walking down the hall once with Asher on my hip and swiped the door frame of our bedroom. I still to this day have no idea how I managed it.

  10. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Don't feel bad. I won Mother-of-the-year award today when I lost Chase for about 10 min.