Monday, September 08, 2008

My Sister-in-law Rocks

Really, she does! Let me tell you about her . . . she is a stay-at-home mom to two awesome kids and a great friend and sister to me. This past weekend I had a shower that Kari planned and organized from California. Then, on Friday she and her mom flew out here. Kari worked like crazy on Saturday morning to pull this off. She took over my kitchen and look at the marvelous spread! We had all of our Arizona family here, plus a few friends. We received so many nice things for Andrew and everyone had a great time playing "pass the baby".

And here is the cake and some of the favors. Cute, huh?
So thanks a bunch Eric, Ashley and Ryan for letting your wife and mommy come out to play for the weekend. And thanks a ton to Kari for being my friend and sister, and doing this for us.


  1. did she make that cake also? its so cute! the food looks wonderful.

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    You are so sweet. I was glad to do it! It was a long road to mommyhood and I wanted you to have a special day to remember!! Thanks for your kind words!!
    xo, Your friend and sister-in-law,

  3. What a great SIL!!! That does look amazing... Although are we biased to feel like you deserve every bit of spoiling like that????

    Your kitchen is beautiful. I have the exact same countertops!

  4. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Sounds like a nice weekend. I am glad that you are getting to experience every part of motherhood, parties included.