Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Little Sweetness

OK, I misspoke a little. There is a lot of sweetness here. We are all adjusting very well. Andrew had is first doctor appointment on Monday. He has continued to drop weight, and now is 5 pounds, 5 ounces. We now have to wake him every 2 hours during the day to feed him. During the night we can feed him just whenever he wakes up. Andrew is definitely a night owl! He sleeps all day and is ready to be social long after the moon rises. We are really working on switching him around.

B's family was in town this past weekend for another scheduled visit so it was really an added bonus that everyone was able to meet Andrew. Everyone can't help but comment about how cute and little he is. His cousin is just 6 weeks older than he is and just looks so completely huge compared to him.

This afternoon I am taking him for a visit with our social worker and his birth mom. She is really struggling right now and wants to see him and see that he is OK. The last time she saw him he was still hooked up to monitors and things in the hospital. She also got really attached to me over the past month and is missing me quite a bit. I really want her to be OK, though I realize it will take time.


  1. that whole night/day thing SUCKs!

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Being up all night is normal. You just need to sleep when he does during the day. Of course that is hard because that is the only time you have to get anything done. My philosophy has always been that raising a happy loved baby is more important than a spotless house. Enjoy the moments because even in the middle of the night you are bonding with your son. Hope the visit goes okay.


  3. glad he is doing good. Good luck with birth mom, are their books or someone who has gone threw what you are that can help her (not in a bad way) but move on? prayers for you all.

  4. he is beautiful! i am glad he is doing well and that you are adjusting well with him. i am so excited to watch him grow up!

  5. I am a birthmother with a sucessful & happy open adoption. I would be happy to email back and forth with B if she needs someone to talk to.

    email me at for my "personal" email address if you want it.

  6. Oh my word, he is so precious. I can't believe how teeny tiny he looks in that chair. What a great picture.

    You are so awesome. I love the way you write about Andrew's birth family. The compassion you have for her is awesome, and I know it probably means so much that you're making sure she's okay.