Sunday, May 04, 2008


This weekend we finally managed to get another room of the house painted. We have an upstairs bedroom that we plan to use for a real live baby one day. Since we moved in there has always been at least a twin bed in the room. Why? Because when we moved into this 5 bedroom home we had just 2 beds, so my parents gave us an extra twin bed and dresser that they no longer needed. At one point we even had a crib in the room. No, we didn't jump the gun and buy one! My friend gave me hers when she was done with it. We set it up and bought a really cute crib bedding set from Pottery Barn Kids that coordinated well with the Hawaiian themed comforter and curtains already in the room. We thought that until we needed the room for a RLB (real live baby) that Ashley (and other vertically challenged guests) could make use of it whenever they were here visiting. Well, play in the room she does! She knows where all of the toys and dress-up clothes are, but she has always refused to sleep in the room. Oh, and she also dubbed it the "Fishy Room" because of the giant, stuffed Nemo fish that hangs out on the bed. (And why do we have a giant, stuffed Nemo fish? Well, that's another story that goes back to the night we got engaged so it will have to wait.)

Exactly a year ago, after finding out about my miscarriage, the crib was unceremoniously unassembled and put out to pasture. I quickly filled in the space with all of my scrapbooking stuff. And now, a year later, it was time for this room to look a little more put together and not quite so transient. It was almost sad how the room looked like it was waiting for something. Well, I guess technically it is waiting for something . . . but anyway, it needed paint, and personality, as well as a purpose, in a very gender-neutral sort of way. Because while I do believe from the bottom of my heart that our child will one day reside in this room, it does feel an awful lot like a dream. That said, this room will never take on the appearance of a baby room until after there is actually a RLB residing legally in the house. And look, now I'm getting sidetracked by something that really is a post for another day

OK, I'm really trying to stay focused here but I'm sort of all over the place. For that, I apologize. Anywho . . . yesterday we emptied the room, except for the bed, painted it, and put it all back together again. Humpty-Dumpty's men weren't as busy as we were yesterday. And to be honest, there were a few moments of panic yesterday once the full depth of the color became apparent. I mean, at one point it really looked like someone (oh, that would be ME) had painted the room with a pack of yellow hightlighters. I actually feared that the brightness of the room would induce seizures in whoever was sentenced to spend time in the room. However, after getting it all put together it really does look great. And lively. And full of personality. And able to be transformed into the room of a RLB in about 30 minutes flat.

So now, take a peek at the room and have a little look around . . .

Well, what do you think?


  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    nice color yellow and good for either boy or girl. Hope you get to use it very soon.

    Laurie D.

  2. It looks great! good job

  3. ooo very pretty!

  4. I love it - so bright and shiny

  5. I'm a HUGE fan of both Nemo and of yellow walls!!!

  6. I LOVE the color! It's almost exactly what our nursery is. Way to go you guys:)

  7. Looks terrific !
    Very cozy looking .And the color is one that brightenes the room .
    You guys did a great job!
    Our love

  8. Very sunny!

    And now I want to hear the Nemo Story!