Saturday, May 10, 2008

Can You Even Freekin' Believe This?!?!?

LITTLE ROCK (May 9) - It's a Happy Mother's Day, indeed, for Michelle Duggar - she's pregnant with her 18th child, and says she has no plans to stop any time soon.

Seven daughters and 10 sons just wasn't enough for Arkansas couple Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. Just in time for Mother's Day, the busy parents announced they're expecting their 18th child. Their oldest, Josh, is 20, and youngest, Jennifer, is 9 months old. Here, the family celebrates Jennifer's birth last August.

Click here for the Today Show announcement and appearance

I admit it, hyper-sensitivity (resulting from both timing and hormones) on my part is just really letting loose with all types of nasty thoughts relating to the purposeful timing of this announcement by this family. However, the more curious parts of my brain are letting loose with all sorts of questions like:

How does a home-schooling mother of 17 children even have the time, energy, privacy or desire to even, ahem, be in the "position" of creating another one?

Don't get me wrong, the unemotional, non-infertile side of me finds them to be very sweet, loving and well-spoken people. And I firmly believe that people should be able to have whatever size family they desire, as long as the children are loved and well cared and provided for, as these children are.


  1. I have two sets of children, 23 and 20 (the 20year old will live with us probably for ever, due to health problems) and then a 3 year old and 2 year old, so I want to know how she also has the time energy, privacy or desire, very well put!

  2. I am shocked, but I have to realize that the older children probably parent their younger siblings just as much! We want a big family... but not that big!!! They are very blessed and so that is awesome!

  3. Oh I just heard you guys are adopting!!! CONGRATS!

  4. As someone who came from family of 8 children all very close in age, I can't imagine a family with 18 children. I did see that this family is very organized and I guess that is what it takes. They can afford it and their children are well cared for, so good for them. Me, I'll be happy with one or maybe two.

  5. I hope your having a good day today. Hugs

  6. I have to admit, while I love big families that have loved, well taken care of children, that don't need hand-outs to survive.... Announcing a pregnancy of your 18th THAT early is something I would never be able to do, after experiencing a loss. And around mother's day to boot, from what I've walked throug, it just feels like "gloating." I know she doesn't mean it, but I get your feelings cuz I have 'em too.

  7. Geez, how big is their house???? I mean, good for them if that's what they want. Kind of stinks for the rest of us though to know how easy conceiving must be for them!

  8. I wonder how many times she's been in each of the L&D rooms at the hospital she delivers at. Wonder if she leaves a tick mark on the wall of the rooms so she can keep up with it!! ;-)

    Kinda makes me sick...I just want ONE!!! But, I think the kids really are taken care of so I guess I can't complain. They are all so polite and well spoken it's amazing!! The mom is so soft spoken...wonder if she EVER raises her voice? Surely she does, right???

  9. Anonymous2:41 PM

    It's Danicka again.
    I've seen them on TV and they seem like nice people. The older ones are responsible for the younger ones.(which I PERSONALLY don't agree with)(but whatever). That's how the mother does it...she just produces them and the kids do the work.