Thursday, November 01, 2007

Monkey and Cowboy

I just had to share this picture of Ashley and Ryan from last night. I have to say that seeing her face took my breath away as it was just like looking at pictures of me as a kid. And I should mention that Ryan looks more and more like Eric each and every day.

Molly didn't last too long in her costume last night. We were camped out on the driveway with Molly and a big bowl of candy. The first few trick-or-treaters were no problem. But then a huge group of about 20 kids came by, and many of them knew her. She got so freakin' excited that she started "snorking". You know, that backwards sneezing kind of thing? She just couldn't settle down so I had to bring her inside and take off the costume to get her to relax and calm down and breathe normally. Once she settled down we went back outside and were without incident the rest of the evening.


  1. Guess what! I was a Bee for Halloween too. :-) This girl from work wore her little costume yesterday (antena headband, wings and a stinger you could pin to your butt), and at the end of the day she said I could borrow it to go trick or treating with my step-daughter and her I was a Bee, just like Molly!

  2. They are pretty cute. My nephew and our best friend's daughter dressed as monkeys too.

  3. Hope you're doing ok? You haven't been around in a bit...