Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Factoids AKA Distractions

I was tagged by both JKH and Chicklet to list 7 (or 8) habits or quirks about me. Presumably these should be things that you don't already know and that are interesting or unique, but at the same time, endearing you to me, and not making you shun me in horror. It's a mighty fine balance, and I'm not sure if I'm up to the challenge, but I'm going to try. Especially since I am trying to find something to write about other than my own fertility, or lack thereof, as it turns out.

1) I'm a puker. Yup, whether I'm sick, upset, worried, too hot, too tired, whatever. My physical response is to throw up. OK, this may not be the endearing quirk you learn about me, but Brian apparently thought it was endearing. In the months leading up to our wedding Brian had numerous occasions to deal with me flung over a toilet bowl. It sort of became a running joke. One day he was making me slightly annoyed about something and my mom told him not to make me mad because I would throw up. And he believed her. Not for long, but he believed her.

2) I'm a picture taking junkie. I will take a picture of anything, no matter how insignificant it seems. Lizard on the wall? Rainbow? Dust storm? Cupcakes? People too, but they tend to get annoyed. Yup, got pictures of them all. They don't necessarily ever make it into an album, but they are on tucked in a box somewhere or else just in limbo on the computer.

3) I read several books at a time. Some I only read at the gym. Some I only read at home. Some I read only when I travel. Whatever I read has to match my mood at the time. Apparently I have many moods which explains why I am so many different reads going at a time. I'm also a magazine junkie. I have too many subscriptions to count and every week I have to buy Quick and Simple at the market. They build up like crazy and about 4 times a year I have to do a major purge.

4) I love to make appetizers and desserts. I don't care about the rest of the meal. I'm a gal all about the appetizers and desserts. In fact, when I host a party that's all I make. And nobody ever leaves hungry, and they must not totally hate it because they keep coming back. When it comes to making dinner, I will only use recipes if they come from a "5 ingredients or less" source.

5) Apparently I have time management issues. I never allow enough time for anything and always try to pack in too much stuff for the time alotted. Enough said, time to move on.

6) I love road trips. I will get in a car and go anyplace. I once rode with a friend to Arkansas just to keep her company. I will also stop at any quirky little tourist trap along the way. Can you say Oregon Vortex House of Mystery? Tillamook cheese factory? Abe Lincoln's birthplace?
You get the idea.

7) I have a piano, but can't play it worth a darn. I took lessons as a kid, but gave it up when we moved and left the piano behind. A couple of years after I started teaching I decided that I wanted to relearn how to play the piano so I started taking lessons and my parents bought me a used piano for my birthday. I took lessons for almost 2 years, then met Brian and got too busy. When I'm in the house alone I will fool around with it, but I'm really awful, however I like to imagine that I'm not really that bad.

8) While watching TV I have to be covered up with my blankey. I don't care that we live in Arizona and it's 115 degrees in the summer. I need my blankey.

I am going to tag Mrs. B. because she needs a distraction right now, and LJ because she needs something mindless right now, and JJ because she has been quiet lately, and Egged because, well, she's a good egg, and Melanie cuz she's my neighbor (even though we live 350 miles apart) and I want to guilt her into blogging more.


  1. I liked your list! I did mine yesterday and I am worried that I successfully made my readers "shun me in horror" (to steal your phrase!).

    BTW I never make dessert. Maybe we can throw a dinner party together.

  2. Hey, I hope the support group was good to you last night. I'm glad you have that.

    Re the 'not enough time' - I have that same problem. I'm good with the time I have but I make gigantic long lists of all the things I might ALSO be able to do, and I only ever get through the main list...

  3. Thanks for the tag, you are right, I do need a distraction. I will get started on my list and post it later today!

    Oh and I so agree about the appetizer thing! I love, love, love appetizers! I could eat just that at restaurants and parties and be perfectly happy!

  4. I'm totally with you on the appetizers and desserts.

    Loved "getting to know you" a little better! ;o)

  5. I love the Tillamook Cheese factory! I am a cheese nut!

    All that I know is that I want to come to one of your parties!

  6. Thanks for the tag! I havent forgotten--so it will be posted soon=)