Friday, September 28, 2007

Onward and Upward!

Alrighty, it looks as though my laxidaysical ovaries are getting off their lazy duffs and beginning to get some work done. I have 10 follicles and the largest on each side are measuring at 12, with the others not far behind. My doc was very happy, and didn't make any secret of it. He tends to be very conservative and cautious and certainly isn't one to gush, however, he did say he was very happy and he even smiled when he said it. It doesn't get any better than that. My dosages are remaining the same, but I am adding estrace again and starting Ganirelix tomorrow morning. I go back again on Sunday morning for another ultrasound and more bloodwork. It was great, even the nurse was giddy when she called this afternoon.

Brian is off work today so to celebrate we had lunch at a little soul food restaurant. We hadn't been there before, but had been wanting to try it. We were not disappointed, it was awesome! I had a fried catfish po' boy with corn fritters and Brian had a hot link sandwich and fries. Rounding out the meal was sweet tea and peach cobbler. Yummy yummy yum! All that sugar oughta keep those old ovaries churning away!

Thanks so much for all of the help with gaining perspective. All of your kind words really helped and the good vibes and prayers are a workin'!

Oh, and let me just add that JJ's Phoenix Mix CD is just fantastic! I have had lots of car time this week driving to the doctor and back (remember, it's an hour each way!) so I have really had the time to enjoy all of the selections, and especially the songs that JJ herself sings. Simply amazing! What a special treat that has been. Thanks JJ!


  1. Great news! I knew your ovaries could do it!

  2. Woohoo! I knew they just needed some coaxing (and some threatening from me!). So so happy about this! XOXO

  3. That's great news! I'm a southern girl who likes her tea extra sweet and loves anything deep fried or fattening! Way to jump start those ovaries! (I may have to give that a whirl myself! At least my stomach would be satisfied!)

  4. YIPPEE!!!

    Your lunch sounds WONDERFUL! My kind of food!!!

  5. Yay for well-behavin ovaries finally. Good luck, I really want this one to work for you.

  6. Sounds so great!! Very happy for you!
    Glad you are enjoying the mix!=)

  7. Yaaaaay ovaries! Woooohooooooooo!

    Also, your description of lunch has made me huuuuuuungry. Whoops.