Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Hint of Things to Come

Yesterday the nurse at my RE's office called to remind me that yesterday was the day to start checking for an LH surge. Can you believe that?!?!?! Like I could possibly forget! Anyway, it was nice to be reminded and I do so like going to a really small practice. We also had a nice chat and got my last minute jitters out of the way and put to rest some of the lingering nonsense hanging out in my head.

Later in the afternoon the pharmacy called to confirm the delivery address and date. Looks like my box of goodies will come tomorrow. Then the gal on the phone gave me a run down of what is in the box. First thing on the list, 20 vials of Repronex. Heaven help my tender thighs! I had huge, ginormous, itchy welts just from 4 vials. I can't imagine what 20 vials will do. The next few items meant nothing to me, sure, some familiar sounding names, but nothing too scary. Then, she uttered the word "Clomid". WHAT?!?!?!?! Stop the bus. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. I called the nurse back, and sure enough, a moderate amount of Clomid is going to be part of this protocol. I called the pharmacy back and the listing of meds continued. Apparently, I will be taking every fertility drug known to man. Well, I'm sure it's not every drug, but I do like to be dramatic.

And wanna know the funny thing? With all of the injections, PIO, retrieval, anesthesia, bloodwork and every other bit of nonsense only one thing makes the blood in my veins turn icy cold with dread. Clomid. I haven't had any in a year and during the past year I have convinced myself that Clomid is, in fact, the most vile substance on the planet and the root of all evil. I did the happy dance last year when I found out that I was done forever with Clomid. And now it is back. 10 little pills that frighten me more and instill more dread in me than anything else in the cycle. For while my ovaries respond well to Clomid, the rest of me does not.

Poor Brian. I hope there is a little something special in the box for him as well.


  1. Hi Chris - what was it about the clomid that you hated so much? I took it for one cycle and had horrible headaches and nightsweats. Then my RE switched me to letrozole which was MUCH better. Does your RE's office use Letrozole? You may want to look into it. ~Babystep

  2. Ick. sorry about the clomid. They are like sugar pills to me, so I don't understand the evil reference, but I get from many women that it IS, in fact, evil, so I'm sorry you have to take it!

    I'm a bit confused, so they called you to tell you that yesterday was the day to start? If you had forgotten, how in the world would you of gone back in time to do it?

  3. The nurse called me yesterday to remind me to start using OPKs. I will start taking estrace 6 days after I ovulate, or something like that.

  4. oh - to start using them THAT day. I thought she called you yesterday to remind you that you had to start OPKS yesterday as in the day before the day she called you. ie: her message yesterday was "hi, just calling to tell you to start checking for your surge yesterday".

    The wording just confused me. heh. Ignore my craziness!

    So what do you think will be in the box for him? Maybe you can sneak something in there! That's be funny.

  5. I do want to know a bit more about your Clomid experience.... or do I? (I am contemplating Clomid myself). If it stresses you out too much, don't worry about talking Clomid talk. It isn't worth it!

  6. Bring on the evil (clomid) twin!

    Maybe you'll get lucky this round and she won't come out. My first four months on it were awful, then I had a break, and now the double-dose is not really affecting me much at all other than nightsweats. Maybe same for you:-)

  7. Yuck Clomid - seems like a step backwards, doesn't it, when IVF is a big jump forward. It does look like you are taking every fertility drug known to man - you are doing what my RE said that they would do to me if I did IVF - throw everything and the kitchen sink at me!

  8. Ugh, I'm sorry about the Clomid. I was pretty lucky and didn't have many side effects aside from hot flashes. I hope this experience will be a lot better for you.

    Fingers and toes are crossed!

  9. They should send Brian some drugs to offset that Clomid, I totally agree with you.

    I'm sorry you have to do Clomid. It is vile.