Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hope Wavered, But Didn't Leave Me

I must say that Hope was at an all time high over the past couple of weeks. I have been feeling really good, I've been treating myself really well, temperatures have been doing appropriate things, and timing was pretty good. Plus, I had some encouraging dreams, and many of you know how my dreams can be. On Tuesday Hope was still mighty high. My temp was still high and I had nary a PMS symptom, and it was day 27. However, yesterday, day 28, my temp took a nosedive, but I still had no symptoms so I still had Hope. Until Aunt Flo showed up in all of her glory.

Hope wavered, but held strong, even surprising me.

Here's why . . .
1) I'm still right on with 28 day cycles
2) NO PMS symptoms!!!
3) I feel good, and calm, and relaxed
4) Maybe this will be the month
5) One day this will all be resolved and we will be parents.

Hope rocks!


  1. And again, I give kudo's to your optimism! How was your 4th of July?

  2. Wow, your positive attitude is really inspiring! I'm really sorry to hear about AF, but I really admire your outlook. And you're right--you will be parents. Here's hoping next month is the month to begin that wonderful journey!

  3. I wish AF hadn't showed up, but I'm so impressed by your level of hope. You are right tht you will be parents. I just hope it happens very soon.

  4. Sticky Bun says it well - your attitude's to be reckoned with and admired. I'm working my way back to that good place too - just not nearly as well as you are.

  5. A month without PMS symptoms is wonderful. I hope that this is the month for you.

    I love your positive attitude!

  6. sorry to hear about af but nice to know that your cycle is on track. Here's to next month!

  7. We're a few days apart on our cycles-- I'm sorry it showed up but so admire your great attitude-- thanks for sharing it, it made me realize that I too have the same to be grateful for. By the way- no pms symptoms for me either- wierd huh?