Monday, June 18, 2007

Because You Asked So Nicely!

Well, here it is . . . my tattoo of "love, hope and faith" on my ankle. Designed by me and Melanie, who thankfully can draw much better than me. Tattooing by Sidney, and he is the one who got all crazy with the wing colors and light. It is 2 inches tall, and 2 inches at its widest. Did you know it's really hard to take a picture of your own ankle? Good thing it isn't on my backside!


  1. That's some lovely ink, and meaningful as well. My tattoo is something silly I pulled out of the catalog when I was 18 y.o. and a silly girl. I still love it and if you are ever in Memphis on Beale St, you just might see a photo of it hanging in a shop.

  2. I like it, a perfect rendition of what you want to live by.