Thursday, May 31, 2007

Going Home

Brian and I are home in California for the week. However, he is camping and fishing with the guys up in the Mammoth area and I am hanging out in Orange County. Oh, and Molly is here as well. I have plans to get together with many friends while I am here and I will spend some time visiting some old haunts. Brian returns late on Monday and then we are going to spend Tuesday at Disneyland and Tuesday evening at the Angel game. As you can tell, I have also brought along my computer, as well as several books I have been wanting to read. I am enjoying the cooler beach weather, however, I forgot about the whole cooling-off-in the-evening-so-now-you-need-a-jacket-thing.
I keep finding myself wondering about what things would have been like if we had stayed here instead of moving to Arizona. While I really miss the weather, my friends, my old job, and family, I really don't miss the traffic, crowds, noise and smog.
Well, it's time to put away the computer and get on with my day enjoying all of what I have missed so much.


  1. Hey Chris, I was at Disneyland 2 Aprils ago and i just loved the area. We have family that lives about 10 minutes away from there and stayed with them. It is really beautful up there. Have a great trip!

  2. Hi Chris,
    Your trip home to CA sounds so peaceful. Doesn't going home make you feel like your old self/previous life- before all this fertility stuff was happening? Going to DC last weekend did that for me and it truly felt amazing. I hope you enjoy this time and soak it in.

  3. Have a wonderful vacation! Thanks for sharing the beautiful view...