Sunday, March 11, 2007

Baseball, Binkies, and Blessings

This weekend was a lot of fun. Eric, Kari and Ashley stayed with us and Kari's parents were in town as well. We had everyone to our house for dinner on Friday night. Kari so wonderfully prepared lasagna, salad, garlic bread and lemon bars for all of us. Yum! We also got to enjoy Ashley's antics. She insisted on wearing her bathing suit and splashing on the first step of the pool. The water isn't even 70 degrees! After that she refused to wear any clothes until finding a purple princess dress in the "dress up" drawer in the "fishy" room. And of course she completed the ensemble with the accessory of choice, her binky. Then she raced around the kitchen on her bike. I think we all wound up more tired than her.

On Saturday all of the guys headed out to Surprise Stadium to see a Spring Training game between the Royals and the Cubs. I know that my dad really enjoyed getting to a live game and being out in the nice weather. As Brian will attest, no hotdog is better than the first dog of the season! In fact, my dad enjoyed it so much that Brian and I are taking him to another game on Thursday. This time we are going to see the Brewers and the Angels.

However, the high point of the weekend, of the past six months actually, happened after everyone left town on Sunday. My dad was able to move his right thumb! He can only move it a little bit, and he isn't ready for thumb wrestling, but this is huge! We now have so much more hope that he will get back more movement in that thumb, as well as other fingers.

So, all in all, a great weekend.

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