Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Where Has January Gone?

Oh wow! Where has January gone? Have I been in a coma or something? No, in fact, I have just been working like mad and just plain, old fashioned busy. First of all, if you are reading this you know that I changed my Blog title and address. I feel it more accurately reflects me and where I am at in this journey called life. Also, a particular adjective (very) was starting to feel very over done. (Not to mention that I have this particular sentiment tatooed on my body, so that should indicate how important it is to me.) I think I emailed everyone with the change, but if anyone mentions to you that they can't find my Blog please share the new addres. But I digress, and let me get back to finding out what happened to January. First of all, Phoenix has been downright cold! Ice in the fountains, wear long pants and a jacket, turn up the heat kind of cold. Even snowfall! Am I complaining? Not a chance! I'm loving it and will try with all my heart to remember it this summer when it hits 115 degrees.

As I hinted at the beginning, I have been working quite a bit this month. I have only turned down jobs four days since school started up after the winter break. All sub days have been good ones as well, and most have been at my old school so I have been able to socialize with friends, and that always makes for a good day. Plus, it can't hurt to earn a little bit of cash. And truthfully, the distraction has been great.

As for what's up with my parents . . . they are still adjusting, but things are moving along. They bought a wheelchair accessible mini-van at the beginning of the month. It has been really nice that they can get out and do things at their convenience. My dad also got his new wheelchair a couple of weeks ago and it is a huge improvement over the loaner that he had been using. The best news of all is that at the beginning of the month my dad got a new mattress that always moves just a little big to give him pressure relief. This is such a huge deal because it means my mom doesn't have to move him every 2 hours whenever he is in bed, so they are both getting better rest. My dad will also be starting outpatient rehab as soon as he is evaluated so we are hoping for better strength and movement then.

We also had a visit from Eric, Kari and Ashley and that is always fun and keeps us on our toes. I just love this picture (which was taken at some ungodly early hour in the morning) because my two favorite girl-babies are just so adorable!

Eric even made a trip out by himself for a couple of days to help out at my parent's house. My dad bought a giant plasma screen tv and Eric was helping to re-arrange furniture and organize some things. It also allowed my mom and I to hit the mall on a rainy afternoon and spend some quality time together shopping and having lunch.

Even though it has been cold, we are found it to be perfect walking weather. Brian and I walk together in the evenings before dinner. It is so relaxing to be able to chat and get caught up on the events of the day. Many mornings I also head out for a walk, usually beginning at O-dark-hundred. But I have a great time since I have programmed my iPod. It's my favorite time of day to listen to praise music and gets my day off to a great start.

At the beginning of the month I realized that I hadn't exactly been following doctor's orders about relaxing. So, I made the decision to delay further treatment for a month. I feel I've made a good effort to relax and not worry so much, and am gearing up to start another round of treatment at the end of next week.

Lastly, I so appreciate your prayers. It means so much to me when friends tell me they have been continuing to pray for us. That said, I appreciate your continued prayers for total healing and recovery for my dad, strength and patience for all of us, and 2 lines on a pee-stick for me.

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