Monday, December 11, 2006

Bob's December Update

It has been a while since I have written about my dad, and I think partly it is because I don't really have anything very encouraging to say. My dad has really been enjoying being at home, and we have enjoyed having him at home. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of challenges, but he and my mom are settling into a routine. Days are very long, but not much is accomplished. Neither my mom or dad sleeps for more than about and hour and a half at a time. My dad needs to be moved every 2 hours that he is in bed. My mom works around the clock and is so very tired and just plain worn out. She spends a great deal of time making appointments and arranging transportation and scheduling help to come to the house. Brian and I do what we can, helping around the house and helping to care for my dad. Lately my dad and I have been going down the street to the mailbox together so that he can practice driving his chair. He gets therapy at the house a couple of times a week, but it is not enough to help him make progress. In fact, he is slowly losing some of the ability that he has. We try to stretch and range him as much as possible, but our efforts just are not enough. In the meantime, while we wait to see what will be the best way for him to get more therapy, we look forward to spending time together with our family and friends over the holidays.
Visitors are really a great pick me up for my dad and he is a great conversationalist with his guests. Some of their friends from Minnesota are wintering here and have been by several times. I think it is the hightlight of there week when Bob and Linda come around. Eric and Kari and Ashley will be coming out before Christmas and Brian's parents will be coming out on Christmas. We will also be spending some time with Jan, the Orders, and Catherine and Daniel. We are hoping that my dad's sister, Sharon, will be able to come out around New Years. It will be so great to see her and she will be amazed by how good my dad looks and sounds. Please continue to pray for total healing and recovery for my dad, and for strength for my mom.

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