Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Blessings

Our little family has so much to be thankful for this year. Namely, my dad is with us. He has made such amazing progress is just 3 months. Though we are thankful for how well he has done, we still pray for further healing and recovery. Yesterday my dad was discharged from the hospital, so that made today even extra special. I'd also like to mention that my mom has been just awesome through all of this. She has shown amazing strength while shouldering so much extra responsibility and worry. Please continue to pray for her strength.

I'm also so very thankful for my wonderful hubby. Not only is he a great guy, but he cooks. In fact, today he took charge of the turkey, stuffing and green bean casserole. Oh, you can also see what a spiffy dresser he is.

I'm thankful for Eric, Kari and Ashley. They all bring us great joy and I am proud to call them family. We are also excited as we wait to meet their new addition next summer! I'm thankful for little girls that like to spend Thanksgiving Day dressed in a Piglet costume.

I'm thankful for Molly. For a beagle she is OK. Well, more than OK. We love her to pieces!

I'm thankful for my old friends who are always the greatest; Brenda, Connie, Glenna, Laurie, Melanie, Melissa, Melissa, Nicole, Regina, Sheryl, and Tammy, my Paine friends who still haven't forgotten me, but have forgiven me for leaving; Alicia, Gilja, Heather, Jen, Melissa, Shelly, and Pamm, and my new Arizona friends; Stacy, Christine and Ginger.

I'm thankful for our Arizona cousins Jan, Christy and Jim for being so supportive and fun and welcoming.

I'm thankful for the rest of our families, including all of the Mayers and Watermans, and Jacque and Carlos, and my grandmothers and Aunt Sharon and cousins Brian, Catherine and Daniel for their support and for just being the great people that they are.

I'm thankful for the wonderful home that we live in and the sunshine that Arizona brings. I'm thankful for living in this great country and for all of the people who work so hard to make this such a great country to live in. I'm thankful for baseball and hockey, because we have such good times at the games.

I'm thankful that I can recognize the blessings that I have, and I pray that you have had a happy and safe Thanksgiving and that you have delighted in your own blessings.



    Hi Chris!! I love all the pictures!! I am also thankful that we are still friends and can still keep in touch! I'm glad to hear you are relaxing for the holidays. I am trying to do the same, as I am back here in California visiting my family for 2 weeks. Take care!!

  2. Chris - for the life of me I thought you said Penguin outfit - not Piglet. She's a doll!