Monday, September 11, 2006

Who is Super Bob?

My dad is Super Bob. Here he is with my brother last week in Milwaukee. Wow, he sure looks better than the last time I saw him right after surgery! I can't wait to see him in person once he comes home to Phoenix. My dad has been very tired the last few days. The pneumonia is gone and he is eager to get strong enough to get rid of the feeding tube. All of his different therapies are extremely exhausting, however, it is important that he keep working hard to make as much progress as possible during these first few months.

Many of you may not know my dad well, so I would like to share a bit about the kind of person he is. First of all, Everybody Loves Bob. Really. He is very easy going with a great sense of quiet humor. When I was in high school he drove me to school three mornings a week so that I could be there by 5:30am for swim team practice. Whenever I moved into a new apartment or my townhouse he would show up with his tool bag, and most importantly, his pencil and level so that he could hang up all of my pictures. My dad likes spectator sports, like baseball, basketball, football and hockey. He will watch any sport on TV, and if it annoys my mom, all the better! He begins each day with breakfast, the newspaper, the crossword puzzle and playing ball with Cindy. And never before 9am. (which is probably why he is tired now, they make him get up early!) He worked hard his entire life to take care of everybody, so I am very thankful that I will have this time to help him. Please keep praying for recovery and healing and strength for my dad.


  1. What a "Perfect" way to describe your dad. It made my heart happy to read something so heartfelt.

  2. This was the easiers thing I have ever writter, because truer words have never been spoken!