Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Plugging Along

My dad seems to be getting a little more settled at the hospital. He had finally rested up from the trip and was ready to work and it was the weekend. Not much happens there on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday brought him a short therapy session, but he had nothing on Sunday. St. Joseph's sets aside Sunday for a day of rest. Guess that is the difference between the Catholics and Lutherans. However, weekdays are a totally different story, it is quite busy around there! He seems happier now that he is having more therapy sessions. He has been having speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy and they pretty well tire him out. Hopefully by this Sunday he will be ready to rest! Today he was going to have the large feeding tube in his nose replaced by a much smaller one that will allow him to swallow more easily when he eats. As soon as he can get most of his nutrition from his food then the tube will be removed entirely. My dad got an electric chair yesterday and is able to power himself around the halls and attend to his own pressure relief. I have to give him a ton of credit, he is quite the trooper! Please continue to pray for his total recovery and healing. And if you can, give him a call or send him a note. I think it gets pretty lonely there at times.

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