Friday, August 18, 2006

What I Learned in School This Week

Even though I am not teaching full time this year I am subbing in the district. All week I worked at my old school doing reading assessments. Because I am not in the thick of things many things I observed were quite enlightening. So, I thought I would share.

1) Kindergarten kids really need to know their last names. One kid told me her last name was "Stinky Booty". Seriously. I had to explain to her that her last name was really "Huckaby". She looked crushed.

2) Lunch at a round table with school friends is fun.

3) Everyone grows over summer vacation.

4) New shoes make you walk with a bounce in your step.

5) 3:00 is a good time for a nap. Wow, everyday I came home for a little siesta.

6) Teaching is the hardest most thankless job there is (next to motherhood, so I'm told). Well, I knew that one, but it never hurts to restate it. And I take it back, it isn't thankless. Thanks just comes in the form of toothless smiles and hugs.

7) And lastly, TGIF. I had forgotten that one over the summer and my life of leisure. It's worth remembering.

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