Sunday, August 07, 2011

Summer Has Come and Gone

Can you believe it? There is some activity in this little corner of the blogosphere? Seriously, I never intended to just vanish, it just sort of happened. A couple of months ago I said to myself, "Self, you simply must get back to blogging". I had every intention of getting back to it as soon as summer vacation presented itself. Then a funny thing happened. Summer vacation DID present itself, and blogging never happened. So, here it is the night before school starts and I'm finally fulfilling that goal of getting some blogging done over the summer.

Here it is, in a photo journey, and with the exception of a couple of 3 day conferences for school.

Early on, right after the first conference, we hit the road to California for our nephew Ryan's birthday. We had a few days to visit and the boys were able to play.

All the kids have so much fun together and this picture is a rarity, all three of them in the same spot long enough to actually get a picture!
Andy ended up with a queen size air mattress all to himself, while I slept in Ryan's racecar bed. I think I lucked out.
Auntie Kari makes tasty pancakes!
Ryan, Kari, Me and Andy before heading out to Ryan's 4th birthday party.
We also visited Knott's Berry Farm, and got passes so we can go back whenever we want. Andy was a huge fan of Camp Snoopy and can't wait to go back.
On a later trip to California we were able to visit with Mick Mick, Andy's favorite rodent ever.
On yet another trip to Southern California, Brian and I were able to spend some much needed and appreciated time at a lovely resort in Carlsbad. We'd love to be able to go back!
We also had a trip to Legoland . . .

And also to the Long Beach Aquarium, where the Skittles may have been more interesting than the fish.

One of Andy's favorite past times is making coffee with Papa. I swear, between my mom and Brian's dad this kid is going to grow up to have coffee coursing through his veins.
Then there was the 4th of July celebration with the Kohl's. The boys are really getting to be good buddies.
My favorite picture of the summer . . . my guys!
Locally, we were able to go to the Children's Museum with friends. Love, love, love to go there because afterwards Andy always has a fantastic nap. Plus, it is really cool.
Oh, did I mention we had yet another trip to see the Mouse?!?!?!?
Andy celebrated his birthday in style, with yet another mouse, and his cousins and friends.
Plus another family party later. Note to self: 2 birthday parties for a 3 year old on 1 day is utter insanity. Let's try to plan better next time.
But the hugest part of summer vacation? Or so it seems . . . potty training. This is what seemingly most of my time has been about.
Oh, and just hanging out letting a boy be a boy.
And now, here it is, 11:30 PM and I have kids finally showing up at school tomorrow after having spend the better part of the last two weeks working to get ready for this. Now that I am all caught up here, hopefully it'll be easier to stay caught up! I hope a few of you are still around!


  1. Chris you look so tan and pretty and happy! Glad to hear from you and see some pics. I too need to blog more regularly.

    Enjoy the first week of school!

  2. Andy is getting so big! I cannot believe how fast they grow. I'm glad you had a nice summer.

  3. So amazing to realize our babies are growing up! Glad you guys had an amazing summer!

  4. Anonymous11:04 AM

    That's a lot of fun stuff for one little guy!

    Glad you're back.

  5. Looks like a fantastic summer--goes by too fast, doesnt it?

  6. What a great summer you guys had! So good to see you posting again. :)

  7. I love andys hair in the pancake pic. He is getting so big.