Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break

One of my favorite things about the district where I teach is that every year in March we get a two week Spring Break. While two weeks off is in and of itself pretty great, it is made even better by the beautiful Arizona weather. We also reside within the Cactus League, so we are surrounded by major league baseball spring training. Typically it is also our busy season for house guests, which is really fun. So, we tend to stay home rather than travel, which means that Spring Break is the my most restful break of the school year, other than summer break.

To get the ball rolling, my mom and I took Andy to Thomas the Train's Day Out. It was held in Globe, which is a tiny town way east of here. Andy had a blast, even though the event was a complete dud, simply by virtue of it's locale and complete disorganization.

The other best part of Spring Break is that I get to spend tons of time with Andy. Sometimes we do things that are fun for him, but sometimes we do things that are fun for me, like the day I went for a manicure and pedicure.
We have a little park nearby that Andy loves to visit. Every time we drive time he asks to go. Well, we've had lots of time to play!
Unfortunately, Andy has also been sick. We took him to the doctor on Saturday morning where he was diagnosed with a common cold. However, things changed drastically by Sunday afternoon. Andy's coughing was constant and thick, and he was wheezing and breathing rapidly. We took him to urgent care where he was promptly set up on a nebulizer. Let's just say that this didn't make him a happy camper.
By the end of the treatment he was feeling much better and thrilled to have his favorite treat, a "lollibot".
Here's a little video of him in all his cheerful "after treatment" glory, obviously feeling much better.

We were able to leave after Andy had one more treatment, and sent home with three prescriptions and still a diagnosis of a common cold, complicated by what may be asthma. The past couple of days have been rough around here, with very little sleep for anyone and grueling nebulizer treatments several times a day. We have a visit with our regular doctor later this week to see how things are going. While this isn't my favorite way to spend time off from school, I'm glad that it is break so that I don't have to be taking any sub days.

Brian is off tomorrow and we are having a date day for just the two of us. I'll have to report back later with whatever we end up doing.


  1. He is so funny. LOVE the monkey noise!

  2. reminds me of the little books I read as a kid "grandma and me" "dad and me" "mom and me" etc. in which the little woodland creature would tell about his adventures.

  3. Poor little guy! Glad you got to have some good times with him on break before he got sick!