Tuesday, February 15, 2011

T Bear

Andy received a giftcard for Build-A-Bear at Christmas, and then last week I found $10 off coupon in a magazine. So, it seemed that the weekend was the perfect time to head to the mall for a little fun. The whole drive Andy talked of nothing but wanting a bear that talks, so we were on a mission.

Andy thought this one might make a good friend.
Upon closer inspection, there are lots of possibilities!
The stuffing process was quite intriguing for Andy.
This whole kissing the heart before stuffing it in the bear thing was a little confusing for Andy. I did it to show him how it's done, so now the bear has two hearts.
Checking the stuffing before stitching him up. Quite huggalbe!
Bathing, brushing, and fluffing.
Getting dressed.
And now a post-dressing bath, brush, and fluff.
Completing the birth certificate for T Bear.
Cuddle time on the way home.
Andy has become fast friends with his new buddy, T Bear. Andy loves to squeeze his paws to hear him giggle and talk, and he carries it around by the straps on his overalls. T Bear naps and sleeps with Andy at night, and is an all around welcomed member of the family.

It was such a fun day that I think we are both looking forward to going back another time.

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  1. PRAISE JESUS! You heard my cried for pics. :o)

    My kids love Build-A-Bear, although Tanner always builds a dog and Josie a bunny. :o) Wait until he starts to pick out Darth Vader and Batman outfits. :o)