Monday, February 21, 2011

Falling in Love

It's been no real secret that I don't exactly love Arizona. Our move here was a rough adjustment from all that we had known in Southern California, and our first couple of years were filled with challenges the likes of which I hope to never know again. That being said, little by little I think I'm coming around to Arizona.

The changes began to happen slowly. First and foremost, Brian has been my rock through all of this. But then, I began to make friends and not feel so alone. Then, I adjusted to teaching in Arizona, but that's a whole other blog post. I learned to keep from dying of the heat in the Arizona summer, and to enjoy the monsoon storms.

My latest challenge has been learning to enjoy what Arizona does have, instead of what it doesn't have. Today was a rare treat. Brian also had the day off and it was a beautiful day, sunny, clear, and cool. We decided to take Andy on a little family adventure, and we went somewhere we had never been before, and we never got further than an hour east from our house.

We drove out to Saguaro Lake though some beautiful scenery, and absolutely no traffic. Along the way we eyed the snow in the mountains and the beginnings of spring blooms. Once we arrived at the marina we looked around briefly, then enjoyed lunch on the patio of the restaurant while enjoying the views. Even better, we had a $10 off coupon for lunch. The little quote on the coupon didn't lie . . . this place is certainly one of Phoenix's best kept secrets.

I think it's safe to say that little by little I seem to be falling in love with Arizona. Who knew?

This last picture is simply a gratuitous picture of Andy from the recent past. Yup, we are still on the potty bandwagon.


  1. You have taken some really beautiful pictures? Who wouldn't fall in love with Arizona when it's presented like that?!? Andrew is getting so big. That last picture makes me laugh out loud!

  2. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful! I moved to Nashville somewhat unwillingly. There are lots of things here I don't like, but I'm also trying to like what is here instead.

    My brother and his family are moving to the Santa Cruz area in March. I can't wait to go visit there!

    Love the picture of Andy pants. He's so smoochable! xo

  3. I think it's always hard to live somewhere new because you always have that mental comparison of the old place. I'm glad you're coming around to your new home. The pictures are gorgeous -- it's just such a different landscape than the east coast :-)

  4. Ah, the Four Peaks always look lovelier with snow on them. This summer you should float the Salt River, starting at Saguaro Lake Ranch - it's higher up than the county-run tubing dropoff and you come through a pretty sweet canyon. I'm a transplant (well, like everyone in AZ), and am finally coming around to loving it. Like anything, if you're willing to dig a little deeper and put yourself out there, you'll find some pretty great stuff 'round these parts.

  5. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Beautiful! It's always hard live somewhere new! Even if you move locally, switch counties or something, it can feel toally different.