Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Can You Believe It?

You are in for a treat, another silly and sweet Andy story!

Over the past couple of weeks Andy has been waking up whining in the middle of the night. When we go to him his only problem is that he has wrangled himself out from under his blankets and he is cold. We cover him up, give a little cuddle, and get on our way back to bed.

Well, it happened again last night. Brian went to cover him up, but when he got there Andy had a different complaint. It seems that his baby doll, who sleeps in the bed with him, wasn't covered up. Andy wanted his baby covered. Silly boy!


  1. Cute! My daughter is forever concerned over her dolls--they have the same needs as she does (huh). ;-)

  2. Anonymous9:24 AM

    That's too funny!

  3. So darn funny..the things kids think of to avoid the thing that all adults crave!!

  4. How cute!! I gave Olivia a new blanket for her bed today b/c she's now too tall for her baby blanket that a friend made, and she spent an hour and a half playing in her bed with her blanket and baby doll. She was covered with her new blanket, and she was using her baby blanket to cover her doll. lol I finally had to go upstairs and threaten to take the blanket and doll if she didn't go to sleep. lol