Saturday, November 06, 2010

Jammies till Noon

The best kind of day is a lazy weekend when nobody (ie: Brian) doesn't have to go to work and we don't have any plans.

When Andy woke up we went downstairs to play for a bit and waited for Brian to make breakfast. Afterward it was just more play time and we all hung out in the family room, you know, just being a family.

Needless to say, jammies were sported until noon for 2/3 of us. A delightful start to the weekend!


  1. I always love those rare Jammies weekends!

  2. delightful!

    I say that as my love and I are curled up on the couch still in our jammies as the afternoon passes us by. delightful!

  3. I got out of my jammies for church. . . and am right back in them now - LOL! Yay for a jammy weekend!