Monday, October 11, 2010

In Search of Fall

My friends back in California always give me a little bit of grief about how early we start school out here, since our first day back to school is during the first week of August. And yes, it is still hot then. Really hot. You know what? It's still hot. Now. However, it is cooling off, with daytime temps in the 90's. That doesn't sound very fall like, does it? I didn't think so either. Luckily, partly because we do start school so early, I'm currently on fall break. As in, off school for two entire weeks. However, since the Phoenix area really doesn't get very fall like I'm forced to look elsewhere. Last year we went to Maryland. This year we're going to Nebraska.

Yes, I know, most people probably think of New England when going in search of fall. Honestly, I do too. However, my grandma lives in Omaha, so Nebraska it is. I've been scoping out the weather reports there for weeks, practically drooling over the cooler temperatures. And now? We are two whole days away from being there ourselves.

Other than visiting my grandma, and taking Brian out for a nice steak dinner for his birthday, I'd really like to find a pumpkin patch for Andy to romp around and scream, "PUNKIN!". He's also getting pretty excited about going for an airplane ride. Never mind that he's been of many flights before. This will be the first one where he really gets what's going on.

When we return we'll be back just in time to relax at home and watch the Coyotes on tv. Now that's fall. The return of hockey season . . .


  1. Sounds like you guys are up for an exciting adventure. Wishing you all the best and hoping the cool weather greets you as you step off the plane.

  2. Brenda from CA3:32 PM

    Have a great time! Grandma needs to see Andy. I will be jealous of the colder weather in Omaha.

  3. Hi there - I've been lurking for a while. Found you thru Heather's blog (Empty Womb, Hopeful Heart).

    I live not far from Omaha and wanted to make sure you knew about Vala's - it is a huge, wonderful pumpkin patch full of fun stuff to do and it just west of Omaha (Gretna exit off of I80 west). We make a yearly trip out to Vala's for the cider, carmel apples, corn maze, etc. Hope you have a great trip!