Monday, September 20, 2010

A Little Scare

Yesterday I took off on a shopping expedition and Brian stayed home with Andrew. My mom dropped off my dad so that he could watch football with Brian rather than go to the nail salon with my mom and aunt. When I returned and came into the house I found Brian in the kitchen with Andrew. Brian was looking in his mouth and asking if he ate anything. I was thinking he may have eaten a rock, but that's a story for another day.

Instead, Andrew had gotten into my dad's bag and pulled out his daily pill organizer without anyone noticing. Brian didn't know anything was up until he heard a pill hit the floor in the kitchen. When he went to investigate he found Andrew with the pill organizer, open, and at least 1 pill on the floor. We had no idea what might have been in the organizer, or if we were missing anything.

Now, Andrew's speech is very easy to understand and he has a rapidly developing vocabulary. He regularly speaks in 4 to 5 word sentences. Information he offers is usually pretty accurate. That being said, whenever anyone asks him a question he answers with, "Sure", unless you are asking him if he wants to go to bed. So, needless to say, we couldn't determine if he had eaten any of the pills or not.

I called my mom to find out exactly what and how many of what should have been in the organizer. At the end of a pretty chaotic phone call it appeared that Andrew hadn't actually eaten anything.

So, crisis averted. For now.

I'll have to get back with you about Andrew's obsession with rocks.


  1. YIKES!!! Glad the outcome was good. Those toddlers, I swear. :)

  2. wow, scary moment. I think little boys always have a fascination with rocks. My little brother still stuff his pockets with them where ever he goes.

  3. Whew, scary indeed. Glad it turned out to be a non-event!

  4. Anonymous4:50 AM

    EEK! Very scary! Glad everything was ok.

  5. I often worry about this husband and my son take prescription meds. Luckily, we had not had an incident--but, it is scary! Glad everything was okay!

    Willow is obsessed with rocks too. We will be at an office park, and she will pick up the "rocks" in the gravel driveway.

  6. Oh my goodness--how scary! So glad he didnt get any of the pills!!

  7. Wow that is scary. So glad everything was okay.