Thursday, July 22, 2010

2 Years! Oh My!

I know that I frequently find myself wondering just where time has gone. Do you? But 2 years? Seriously, how did I lose track of 2 years?!?!?

It seems like just yesterday this little peanut came into our lives.
And seriously, every single day I wake up in wonder and awe that this little guy is really ours.

So, the first order of business on Andrew's 2nd birthday was to take him for a doctor visit. He was quite charming and flirted shamelessly with his doctor, who couldn't stop gushing about how marvelous he is. Great news is that he's finally getting taller! He is 33 3/4 inches tall (40th percentile) and weighs 29 pounds (75th percentile).

After stopping home for some playtime and a snack we left to get Andy's pictures taken. He was quite the champ and had a great time playing in the studio.

When Brian gets home we'll have dinner, then Andy has some presents to open. We are having his birthday party on Saturday, and that will conclude a solid week of celebrating.


  1. Happy Birthday to Andy! What a cutie pie!

  2. Happy Birthday, Andrew! The photos are soo cute :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Andrew! It is amazing to see how much he has grown!

  4. It's amazing that its been two years! I'll never forget you getting the call at Mimi's:) Please let me know if you find the secret to slowing down time now that we finally have our little ones to enjoy!:)

  5. Happy Birthday Andy! It is so hard to believe two years have passed since this little blessed bundle of joy has came into your life!

  6. Happy Birthday, Andrew! Congratulations, Mama! Where oh where does the time fly to?

  7. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Happy Birthday Andrew! 2 amazing years!

  8. Two years already!? Where does time go...

    Happy celebrations!

  9. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Your'e not joking. COllege will be here before you know it so enjoy every minute. Happy Birthday Andy.