Monday, March 08, 2010

Spring Fever

Each year here in the Valley of the Sun we can expect a major outbreak of Spring Fever just as March begins. It's the weird place where ice hockey and baseball collide, along with sun and spring rains. It's the best time of year here. It's the time of year when the longest quarter of the school year is winding down and there's the rush of completing report cards and conducting parent conferences. It's the time of year when Spring Break is in the air! It's also the time of year when our house is flooded with houseguests, and this year is no exception.

And let's throw in another illness for Andy. He started getting sick again last week as Brian was getting over his upper respiratory infection. The poor kid (and us, by default) didn't get much sleep Wednesday or Thursday night. I stayed home from school on Friday to take him to the doctor. My sweet boy had yet another ear infection and a bad cough, bordering on a real problem, and causing us to have to give him albuterol on the nebulizer a few times a day again.

Brian's sister, brother-in-law, and nephews arrived on Friday afternoon. Since they live in Alaska we don't see them often and they've only seen Andy one other time. Later that evening Brian's parents arrived from California as well. Andy and I had an easy Saturday while everyone enjoyed a special tour at the ballpark and a spring training game. After a little downtime in the afternoon we left to try to get some dinner and take in a hockey game. The whole dinner thing didn't work out because the entire area is inundated with tourists and spring training fans right now. Andy did well for the first period of the hockey game, but he and I left during the second because he was just done.

Sunday brought rain, and plenty of it. Everyone was tired from all the activity on Saturday, so it was a hang around the house sort of day with everyone. Later in the afternoon my parents joined us and by early evening everyone was on their way home. I'm so thankful that our home can easily accommodate so many houseguests at one time! It just filled my heart to see Andy fussed over so much and to see everyone delight in our boy, even when he wasn't in the best of moods.

Andy was still coughing like crazy last night, and pretty wheezy sounding too. I was pretty sure I was going to be taking him back to the doctor again today, so I stayed home from school with him. However, he slept for 13 hours straight last night and took a long nap this morning and seems well on the road to recovery. We didn't even have to break out the nebulizer today!

In other news, I have just 4 more days of school this week until our 2 week Spring Break starts. I am so excited about it that I can barely contain myself! This school year has flown by, but I'm still ready for a break. Next week Eric, Kari and the kids come out for a visit. However, we will only see them for a day before we head back to California for a couple of days. We have Andy's first trip to Disneyland on the agenda!

So what are you doing now that spring is in the air?

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