Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Breakin'

Oh the glories of Spring Break! Even though our anniversary was last month, we finally were able to celebrate last weekend. We spent our wedding night at The Grand Californian Hotel and Resort, but due to the lateness of our evening festivities and the earliness of our travel schedule we were only able to spend about 5 hours at the hotel. So, it seemed like a mighty fine place to celebrate our 5th anniversary. In addition, we had also saved some of our Christmas money to put towards annual passes at Disneyland. With how often we visit Brian's parents, and the fact that it's still free for Andy, we thought it would be fun for the next year.

We didn't want to overwhelm Andy, since he is still a little guy and all. Late Saturday morning we all went to Disneyland. Main Street was quite the experience for Andy! He's never seen so many people in one place.
Plus, there were giant furry creatures running about! Andy was so cute, clapping and yelling when he saw Chip from a distance, however, up close was another story. He cried and didn't want to be anywhere near the creature.
We made a beeline to Toon Town and Andy had a much better time playing in Goofy's yard and house.
I think Andy's highlight of the day was playing Goofy's piano. This kid loves to play!
Andy was so eager to get into Goofy's chair. He kept running into other people's pictures!
Andy had such a good time driving the car in front of Goofy's house that he just couldn't bother to look at the camera.
After taking a very, very slow tour (read: waiting in a really long line) through Mickey's house we finally made it into the studio to meet Mickey. Let's just say that it wasn't exactly love at first sight.
(Andy has since come to love Mickey. He has a little stuffed Mickey and a Mickey T-shirt. He taps the Mickey picture on his belly when you ask him where Mickey is.)

After visiting Mickey we decided it was time to leave. We dropped Andy at Brian's parent's house and gathered our things and went and checked in at the hotel. We went back to the park and went on a few rides. Later we had a nice dinner out and even got to sleep the whole night through, and sleep in, without worrying about Andy waking us up. It was our first night away from him, and went really well.

Ultimately, it was a wonderful anniversary celebration and well worth the delay. And now we are looking forward to our next trip to Disneyland with our sweet boy.


  1. So glad y'all got to get away for a night and just spend some time together as a couple. That's so important! The pics of Andy at Disneyland are precious! I can't wait to take the girls!!! I'm such a Disney lover that I'm itching to get them there. But for this summer we're just taking them to Sesame Place. We'll tackle Disney when there's a little older since it will be a major vaca. I think it's neat that Brian's parent are so close. Call me jealous!!! :)

  2. Happy belated Anniversary!

    My whole family are Disney lovers and I can't wait to take my little guy in a few months.

    I hope Andy's next date with Mickey is all about the smiles!

  3. Seeing the pictures of Andy gave me warm fuzzies. I can't even imagine how wonderful it must have been to experience a "first" time at Disneyland with your boy.

    Simply wonderful!

  4. Looks like Andy had a great time visiing Mickey!

    Great pics! Wonderful way to spend your Spring Break!

  5. Glad you all got to enjoy a fun spring break! Love those pictures :)

  6. Anonymous5:10 AM

    What a great time! Glad you got some good Andy fun time and some hubby lovin' time too!

    STILL.SO.JEALOUS of the 2 week spring break!

  7. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Very funny comments. I can't wait till we can bring Jacob to Disney!