Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Journey to the Frozen Tundra

Andrew and I have returned from the Frozen Tundra, otherwise known as Nebraska, and have finally thawed out! I knew you'd be relieved.

Our flight out couldn't have been better. I really lucked out and Andy and I had an entire row to ourselves at the back of the plane. I had one of these handy, dandy items so that Andy could safely sit in his own seat without me having to lug the carseat on board. (This little item happened to be a wonderful tip from Brian's cousin, Danicka. Even better, we can continue to use it until Andy reaches 44 pounds.) Anyhow, even while restrained in such a manner Andy managed to doze off during takeoff and he slept until just before we landed.

My mom was already in Omaha so she met us at the airport and took us back to our hotel. After settling in we went to pay a visit to my Grandma who was just giddy with excitement over seeing Andy again. Eric, Kari and the kids arrived in town shortly after we did and met us at Grandma's. We left early so as not to tire her out, stopped for dinner, then retreated back to the hotel for a quiet evening. My mom's room and mine adjoined, with Eric and Kari and kids across the hall. The kids had lots of fun going back and forth.

On Sunday morning we woke up to snow falling. And just an FYI, there was already plenty of snow. The kids were really eager to get outside and couldn't stop looking out the window.
After breakfast we bundled up the kids and headed outside for a romp in the snow.
Ashley and Ryan had a wonderful time, but my little sunshine boy didn't think too highly of the white, cold stuff. However, he was darn cute!
After our playtime in the snow we had to get presentable and head back to Grandma's for her party and some last minute setting up. My mom ordered 6 sheet cakes, and not a single bit of cake went to waste.
Here are some of the guests waiting to greet my Grandma in a reception line sort of way. She had a steady stream for well over an hour into the party and was quite overwhelmed by all of the people who came to celebrate with her and wish her well.
Here she is by the time the crowds dwindled down so I could get close to her with a camera. Doesn't she look great for 100? I'd say not a day over 80!
Ryan made himself right at home, and seemed to think that pants are optional in Nebraska when it is barely 30 degrees.
After the party we were able to get Andy to pose with Grandma. Poor boy didn't feel too well and you can see it on his face. But, he was quite a delightful little trooper and I received nothing but compliments on how pleasant he is.
We went back for another visit on Monday morning before leaving the Frozen Tundra. By the time we got to Grandma's it was a whopping 12 degrees! Brrrr! We are definitely not used to that here in the Valley of the Sun!

And here we have the kids (and Kari) all together with their Great-Grandma. What a special picture this is.
Getting checked in at the airport and through security took only about 1o minutes, so Andy had some time to color while we waited.
Andy was really good for the return flight too. Again, we had an entire row to ourselves at the back of the plane. He fell asleep before takeoff, and slept until about 30 minutes before we landed. And again, he charmed everyone within range. However, he just wasn't himself and his face and eyes looked a mess with all the snot and goop.

By the time we landed I decided a visit to Andy's doctor was in order, so we both stayed home on Tuesday. The verdict? My poor boy has a double ear infection complete with bulging eardrums and icky pus. Even the doctor thought he should have been much more irritable than he was.

After a couple of days of regular napping he is as good as new, and I'm back to school, busy as ever. And now I'm sick too.


  1. I hope I look that good at sixty - much less 100!!

    Poor guy, he was really well behaved to have all that going on!! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. What a wonderful trip!! Glad everything went so well. Your Grandma looks so good--I hope I can make it to 100 looking that good! I love those pictures of her and the Great-Grand kids. And the monkey hat! Too cute!

  3. So glad it was a great trip! Love the pictures :) And I hope the sweet boy feels better soon!

  4. So glad you had a great trip to celebrate the big day for your Grandma! I hope I look that amazing at her age!

  5. Brenda from CA10:51 AM

    Your grandma really doesn't look a day over 80. And I get to see a lot of older ladies in Eastern Star! Congrats on an uneventful plane ride. Hope Andy and you get well soon!

  6. First off..poor Andy what a trooper :) I am glad he is feeling better and hopefully will continue to do so!!

    Your grandma looks amazing for 100 and you can see how much she is loved!!!

    I love the pictures of Andy with all of his cousins and other kids and the one in the snow with his monkey hat is adorable. He is just a cute little guy!!!

    The picture of the little boy without his pants is priceless and something we see at our house a lot even though it is freezing because he tells me.." I just forgot my pants!!!"

    I am glad the flight there and back were okay and now you can get ready for your next vacation that should be a little warmer!!

  7. You call that snow??? Ha ha ha. So glad Andy did well on the flights!