Sunday, January 17, 2010

Smiles, Tears, Sleep and More Smiles

Well, the title about sums up our Saturday. Brian's Aunt Jacque and Carlos have been in town for the week and we got to spend some time with them when they weren't busy with the new house. We went to the Black Bear Diner for breakfast yesterday. If you are ever in town, it is simply a must for breakfast. Be warned though, you will not need a meal for the rest of the day, and your cardiologists may simply prefer that you not go at all. Afterwards we went clear across the Valley (it was a beautiful drive though) to Pottery Barn Kids so that Jacque could get Andy his "Anywhere" chair. After we got it home we couldn't keep Andy out of it. It's true love. And he was all smiles.

The smiles didn't last for long though. Jacque had another treat in store for Andy. A haircut. Andy was not nearly as thrilled this time as he was with his first haircut last September.
A complete and utter meltdown ensued, complete with tears, snot, and drool.
But he was happy again as soon as I hauled out his new yellow ducky bath toy.
After some nap and playtime we went to the Coyote game, where a great time was had by all. For the first time this season Andy went to sleep during a game, though he lasted until the beginning of the third period. This kid was so completely OUT. Somehow he managed to sleep through 4 Coyote goals, cheers, and blaring horns, and finally, another Coyote win.
After all that sleep at the game Andy was wide awake and ready to play in his new chair by the time we got home. And he was back to all smiles too, just the way we like him.
So, our day was full of smiles, tears, sleep and more smiles. But then again, I guess that's pretty much what life is all about. And as long as the smiles outnumber the tears, we are truly blessed.


  1. That chair is so CA-UTE!

    I think Miles is needing his first haircut. I am so not looking forward to it.

  2. What a range of emotions for one day! If I were you I wouldn't be able to resist taking a picture of him crying either! He still looks really cute, even when bawling. Will be interesting to see how the next haircut goes!

  3. I have to say that I understand the the crying and complete meltdown that comes from having your haircut. Aidan was fine the first time and now it is a complete meltdown every time. No bribery works or anything else. I must say it is easier now that he can talk but he still HATES it!!

    The chair is so cute and I can see how much he loves it!!! Once again a few cries and meltdowns are forgotten as soon as they give you that cute smile!!!