Sunday, November 08, 2009

Special Places

Everyone has their own special place. I'm not talking about places like a lake, or a beach, or a park, or a walking trail . . . I'm talking about a special place within the home. This is a place where one can go to be alone, to pursue hobbies, or to just be.

Andrew seems to have found his place. There's only one problem - it's also Molly's place. We'll see what happens if they ever both want to occupy the space at the same time.

My special place is this little corner of my bedroom. I love, love, love my cushy chair.
It's my favorite place ever to curl up with a good book. Napping is pretty fantastic in this chair as well. And, I must admit, this spot is my quiet little refuge when our house gets just too crazy and noisy during family events. I like to relax in this chair while I chat on the phone catching up with my girlfriends in California. When I'm upset, this is the place I retreat to. I've even spent a little bit of time in this comforting spot with my tears. When Andrew was tiny he and I spent many nights in this chair before he learned to sleep by himself. So, when I think of my special place within our home, this is it.

I look forward to watching Andrew as he finds his own special place. One that he won't have to share with Molly.

And I'm pretty sure that Brian's special place is the, um, commode in the master bathroom, considering the amount of time he spends there. That's also where he keeps his magazines and does his best singing.

So, where is your special place?


  1. Love the pic of Andrew in his special place.

  2. My old special place, growing up, was a small walkway that went between my parents bedroom and the guest room. It's this tiny secret room and I'd hide in there.

    I love that chair--it looks so comfortable.

  3. The chair looks amazing! Mine right now is an old rocker - it's cushioned and upholstered - but it was the rocker my husband was rocked in by his mom and what I have been rocking Miles in as well...

    Andrew's places looks rather...cramped!

  4. I bet he thinks it's the perfect place to read a good book since there is only one other "person" that fits in there. :)

    When we get a bigger house, I hope to have an oversized chair for our bedroom to call my special place. Right now it's on our bed with a kitty curled up at my feet.

  5. It's the chaise in our living room, oh man, it is the comfiest. I love Andrew's though, that cracked me up!

  6. How cute is that!?!

    My special place is a section of my basement. It's not finished, but I have a corner where I can scrapbook/do crafts. I don't get down there as much as I would like, but when I's perfect.

  7. Your last couple of posts have been just hilarious! Now that Andrew is mobile, he sure does get into some funny shenanigans! I loved the story about his trick or treating, and how funny that he wants to get in the dog's bed!

  8. First off I love the picture of Andrew in his favorite spot. I am sure once he gets a little taller he may have to move out :) Like you I love to go up to our bedroom and stretch out on our bed, read a book or just chill. WIth three kids three and under there is not to much of this but I take advantage when I can.

    By the way my husbands favorite spot is is the Commode as well, he has his books, magazines etc in there.

  9. Anonymous5:42 PM

    OMG, that is too cute!!!!

  10. What a precious photo - omg LOVE it! Cute growth scale with the monkey, too. Sure do miss you guys. Everytime we drive to RSM I think, if only...

  11. How cute!! And I love the ducky bathroom, too!
    My place use to be my toy box--Im sure my mom has pictures....:)