Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catch Up Bullets

These past few weeks have been a complete blur, nothing bad, just busy. In fact, there's been plenty of good.

  • Kids have been back at school for 12 school days now. I've been in full on school mode for the past month. Days are long and pass quickly . . . that's just how busy it is. As much as I'm working I feel like I will never catch up. Every single teacher reading this knows just exactly what I mean. And best yet? I've got a great class! This should be a fantastic year.

  • Last week on Saturday Andy had a fever out of nowhere. When it hit 103F we went to the pediatric urgent care. Diagnosed with double ear infections and put on antibiotics. The fever wouldn't break after a couple of days so Andy saw his regular doctor. Diagnosis? Roseola. The fever broke the next day, the rash appeared the day after that. All is well now.

  • My little trooper Andy-pants also has four molars coming in. Top and bottom, both sides.

  • This last Saturday Molly got sick. After a $130 vet visit she was diagnosed with an upset tummy and given 3 medications. After several meals of rice and ground beef she seems to be feeling fine.

  • I've discovered e-bay. It's an illness. Let's just say that I had a really good mail week!

  • Speaking of a great mail week . . . the Braces Bunch sure has been busy! I look forward to sending out my own good thoughts soon.

  • We've discovered the HBO series "True Blood". We are hooked and quickly making our way through the first season.

  • I've ordered all kinds of stuff for my ducky bathroom makeover. I still have to pick out paint and picture frames. Oh, and find the time to actually do the makeover!

  • At the end of the month I'm heading to Seattle for the weekend to visit a friend. I can't wait! However, I do feel a little bad about leaving Brian and Andy for the weekend.

  • I'm also really looking forward to our Baltimore trip in October.

  • In preparation of that trip, I'm going to get Andy off the bottle and onto his sippy cups. sure don't want to have to drag bottles across the country and deal with washing them.

  • I've also been cutting back on Andy's binky use. He only uses them for naps and bedtime. We were actually binky free the other night, until 2:30am when he woke up yelling and crying.

  • Andy now has a cold, so I feel bad keeping his binky from him now.
Well, that's all the news from us here in the Valley of the Sun. I'll leave you with some sweetness of my budding musician.


  1. Im so sorry he was sick like that--so nerve racking--and then Molly too! Love the picture of him playing--gotta love the music, Andy! :0)

  2. Poor little man, he's been through the wringer lately with the ear infections, teething and cold. Hoping he's feeling better soon! LOVE the picture of him playing his drum!!! SO CUTE!!!

  3. He's a cutie! Glad to hear he is feeling better, I bet that was scary.

  4. I just want to eat him up!!!!!! You are a better blogger than me, I have been prepping for a show and have little to no time for anything! :o)

    I am happy he is feeling better! As for the molars, I am no help there...Josie still only has 6 teeth and she will be 13 months on Friday!

  5. Whoa, what a scary fever! He's definitely a trooper and a half. The drum playing is too cute for words

  6. Anonymous6:08 PM

    I am so excited to see you... I only wish Andy was feeling better,that the visit would be longer and include the rest of the family.

    Have you read the books the True Blood series is based on? I really like it.


  7. I have missed you - it is s ogreat to catch up a bit on what's been up with you. I need to catch up my own blog soon....

    Glad you're all doing well!